Denim Craft: Colorful Flower Frame

Denim Craft: Colorful Flower Frame - CraftsbyAmanda.comI love to recycle old blue jeans into something fun. I had collected several pairs and fabric dyed them in different colors and have used them for a bunch of different projects. This flower frame made from colored denim is just one example.

Some other colored denim crafts I’ve made include these colorful denim beads and these denim fabric flowers.

denim fabric flowers - I have more I’ll be posting soon too!

Denim Craft: Colorful Flower Frame - CraftsbyAmanda.comFor this frame it’s really easy. Get yourself one of those $1.00 wood frames from the craft store and paint it. I used Americana’s Uniform Blue. Then simple cut flowers and stems from colored denim and glue them on. Presto! :)

Denim Craft: Colorful Flower Frame - CraftsbyAmanda.comI originally made this project for my monthly Chicago Tribune column.

Denim Craft: Colorful Flower Frame - CraftsbyAmanda.comIf you get the Tribune, watch for me mid month on Sundays near Puzzle Island.

Denim Craft: Colorful Flower Frame


  1. Paint the frame with dark blue craft paint and set it aside to dry.
  2. Cut green denim into thin strips of varying lengths for the flower stems. Glue them to the frame, ensuring you have three different heights of stems on each side of the frame.
  3. Cur flower petals from different colors of denim, cutting them in the shape of a teardrop, six per flower. Glue the petals together to form each flower.
  4. Cut circles from the colored denim for the centers of the flowers. Glue the circles to the centers then glue the flowers to the stems.
The jeans we used were dyed with Rit clothing dye. Because you will not be washing these pieces of denim any longer, using regular acrylic craft paint is a totally acceptable alternative. Simply paint the denim, allow it to dry, then cut the shapes from the colored denim as described below.


  1. Judie Silvis says

    I am collecting ideas of crafts that can be made for the garden. We have a Rec Lab each spring and offer classes to adults, that need to be fairly easy. Thought the flowers might be good. I would like the tutorial and any other ideas you might have.

  2. Michele Caponi says

    I love this idea; it looks easy enough to do for a last minute gift if you already have the materials in the house !!!

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