Water Bottle Flowers

Looking for a fun way to recycle some of those plastic water and soda bottles? Here’s a fun project for kids that uses the entire bottle, label and all! You can make a plain one that’s boy friendly and call it a palm tree! Fun craft for summer camp too.

To make these fun water bottle flowers and trees you are going to need:
printable version

Plastic single serve water bottle with lid
White craft glue
Sand or soil
Pebbles or rocks
Drinking straw or twig

Remove labels and lids, but don’t throw them away. We will be using the entire water bottle! If your water bottle does not have a label, have a bit of scrap paper nearby to use instead. Cut the water bottle in half, put the bottle half aside.

Cut slits, about an inch or so wide, in the top half of the bottle. You should end up with 8 “petals”. Bend the petals outward.

Put the lid on the bottle top.

Squeeze some white glue into the lid and insert the straw or twig into the glue.

Next, wad up the bottle wrapper and surround the straw with it, to help give the straw stability.

Put some sand or soil into the bottom half of the water bottle, about 1.5 – 2 inches in depth. Pack it down a bit and insert the bottom end of the straw into it.

Add pebbles or stones on top of the sand to help stabilize the straw (stem).

Optional: If you like, cut strips of fabric to decorate the flower petals and the flowerpot. You can also round the petals by trimming the ends with scissors.

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17 Responses to Water Bottle Flowers

  1. 1
    Sheri says:

    These water bottle flowers are so cute! I love re-purposed things like this–thanks for sharing! :)

  2. 2
    nancybabb says:

    LOVE IT! Will you add it to my Linky Party on "How to Recycle a Plastic Bottle"?



  3. 3
    A Few Pennies says:

    How cute is that! and what a great way to recycle our plastic bottles. Have a great weekend.

  4. 4
    creativejewishmom/sara says:

    very sweet, love the polka dot one! thanks for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

  5. 5
    Miranda @ Life in the Motherhood says:

    So cute! I could see them as decor for any kind of summer party/bbq!!!

    Visiting from the Get your Craft On party!!!

  6. 6
    Play school says:

    interesting craft post nice

  7. 7
    Tanya Anurag says:

    Love it… I think it's time that I made one of those. The red one is adorable. Thanks for sharing. Pinning it.

    I am hosting my first Link-up party – Tea Time Thursdays. Would be glad to see some of your awesome posts there. Hope to see ya at the party :)


  8. 8
    HRANDICA says:

    I love this idea. And other ideas from this site are also wonderful. I'm glad I found this blog.

  9. 9
    lynn says:

    Love this! Doing it! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  10. 10
    Ika Andrí says:

    What type of fabric did you use for the red flower?

    • 10.1
      Amanda says:

      Hi Ika – just cotton. I buy fat quarters at WalMart. That way I can get small amounts of fabric to use, and can afford to get a whole bunch of them instead of buying by the yard :)

  11. 11
  12. 12
    Jesal Vohra says:

    The best thing you did well

  13. 13
    Shirley Melges says:

    It could be fun to glue a stick type pen instead of a straw to the cap and then use base with pebbles or marbles to hold the pen.

  14. 14
    maureen cudworth says:

    just wanted you to know..i saw this clever idea and shared it. good luck to you!

  15. 15

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