Cookie Cutter Stamped Apron

Cookie Cutter Stamped Apron by @amandaformaro for Kix Cereal

This apron is a great project for grandparents to do with their grandkids. It also makes a fun gift for kids to give to grown ups! No matter how you customize it, you’ll have fun in the process and the kids will love it. See how I made this apron with cookie cutters in my post at Kix Cereal ->> Cookie Cutter Stamped Apron


3 Responses to Cookie Cutter Stamped Apron

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    patricia says:

    i love these kinds of apons, do u have patterns dfor these i can download?

  2. 2

    […] potato stamps! And speaking of stamps, you can dip the cookie cutters in paint or an ink pad and use them as stamps […]

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