Camp Crafts: Tin Can Telephone

You remember the old tin can telephone game you played when you were a kid, don’t you? Your parents probably remember too! This is a fun way to pass the time on hot summer days and will keep kids busy for hours. After some experimentation, we’ve discovered that covering the cans in felt didn’t make a big difference in the sound, and don’t you think they look much more fun in color?

You can certainly simplify this project by skipping the felt decorations, but that’s half the fun! Let kids pick their favorite colors to personalize their tin can telephones.

The supplies you will need:

2 empty aluminum cans
1 large nail
2 small washers*
cotton string
felt, colors of your choice
instant grab glue

*If you don’t have washers, wrap the end of the string around a small rock and secure it with glue.

Using nail and hammer, poke a hole in the bottom of each can.

Thread string through the hole in the can. Tie ends of string around the washers. This will keep the string from coming back through the hole.

Cover cans in felt using instant grab glue. Trim the excess from the top of the can, leaving about ½” to fold inside the can. This will protect mouths and ears from any sharp edges on the cans.

Decorate the outside with strips of different colored felt.

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  1. Sharon says

    The boys in the photographs will not hear anything through their tin can phones with the string dangling as pictured. The string must be held taut so that it can vibrate and transmit sound.


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