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Halloween is almost here! Of course, monsters are synonymous with the Halloween holiday, so why not make some fun monster crafts? Whether it’s Frankenstein, mummies or vampire bats, here are some fun goodies to make and eat. Many of these are crafts I have made over the years for FC :)

Tin Can Frankenstein
by Amanda Formaro

Make this darling little Frankenstein out of felt, glue and a tin can. Fill him with lollipops for Halloween or use as a pencil holder for your homework desk!

You will need

empty aluminum can
1 sheet green felt
1/2 sheet black felt
scraps of white and light green felt
1 black skinny chenille stem
white craft glue
2 small black pom poms
4 round magnets
click here for patterns

What you do

Make sure can does not have any sharp edges around the opening. If it does, use a piece of sandpaper to sand them down.

Lay green felt on work surface. Lay the can down on to the felt. Roll the can up in the felt to see exactly how much you will need to go all the way around the can. Trim, leaving about 1/2″ overlap. Leave about 1″ overlap that will fold over the bottom of the can as well as a 1″ overlap for the top (mouth) of the can. Glue the green felt around the can, glue the excess overlap to the bottom and inside the mouth of the can.

To create the hair, lay the black felt on the work surface and place the can on top like you did for the green. Roll can up in the black felt and measure about 2″ down from the top of the can. Trim excess. Before attaching black felt, cut one side in a grass-like scissor cut for the hair.

Glue the hair in place, lining up the straight edge with the top of the can.

Cut out the patterns for the eyebrows from black felt and the eyes from white felt. Glue in place (see photo).

Cut out the pattern for the nose from the light green felt and glue in place.

Cut chenille stem into a 4″ long piece. Bend into a squiggly mouth as shown in the photo. Glue in place.

Glue the black pom poms to the centers of the white eyes.

Place 2 round magnets on each side of the head for the bolts, no glue required! The magnets should stick through the felt directly to the can. You can glue them in place if you prefer.

Let him dry before filling with candy, pencils or anything else you can think of.

More Monster Crafts and Recipes!

Bottle Bats – This cute Halloween bat is the perfect project for your kids. Easy to make, recycles and best of all, it’s fun! Gather the kids around and make several of these quicky bats. A great project even for younger kids.

Chenille Stem Skeleton – Bend him, twist him, hang him from the ceiling! This cute little skeleton is perfect for Halloween. Kids will love making this craft from chenille stems! A fun Halloween craft for kids.

Clothespin Vampire Bats – These adorable little blood suckers are easily put together with some paint, a wooden clothespin and some felt. Make a whole bunch of them to line your window sill or put in a circle on the table!

Friendly Mummy – Not all mummies are scary and ghoulish. This friendly little mummy will greet your little goblins with a smile. Display him in your front window, on the kitchen table, or use him as a centerpiece for your Halloween party!

Ghoulish Stick Figures – If you are looking for last minute Halloween crafts, you’ve come to the right place! These adorable little monsters have personality of their own. Made from simple items such as ice cream sticks and tempura paint, they’re sure to be a hit with your kids.

Halloween Ornaments – These little ornaments are perfectly spooky, in a friendly kind of way. Definitely fun to make, perfect for hanging around for trick or treaters! Be sure to try the black cat and bat designs!

Mummy Pots – This craft is super cute and easy for kids. They will have tons of fun making these little creatures. When you are done, fill them with candy, tiny toys, pens and pencils, crayons, or whatever else you can think of!

Salt Dough Halloween Creatures – Halloween is a fun time of year filled with lots of traditional characters. Why not bake up some fun crafts to paint this Halloween season. Use them to decorate your house, yard, or party!

Simple Halloween Spiders – Make this adorable spider with your children. These can be made in the classroom or at home. Hang it from the porch or ceiling in your house or above each student’s desk! The title says it all — simple! Make several to display at school and at home.

Tin Can Mummy – This cute little mummy is a perfect recycling project! Great for holding pens, pencils, or even some Halloween flowers. How about filling your mummy can with lollipops? This is a fun project that is easy even for littler kids.

Yummy mummy Spoons – Make this cute little mummy for class parties, Halloween parties, or to put in treat bags. So easy kids can help make them. Be sure to print the poem and attach to your mummy before handing him out!

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  1. Penny says

    Amanda your Halloween crafts look great! I don’t have young children at home any longer but I like to decorate the porch and dress up to greet the kids! I may try making the luminaries.

  2. mandijane says

    We made the bottle bats into a set of bowling pins and enjoyed an autumnal afternoon of outside fun among the leaves….:)


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