Snowman Belly Jars

Snowman Belly Jars -

Still trying to come up with a fun holiday gift to give to friends or an acquaintance? Make these snowman belly jars and fill them with edible treats, a fun way to present a gift that can be used even after it’s empty! When finished with the treats, you can use them as fun winter luminaries.

Snowman Belly Jars -

I used DecoArt’s Americana Crystal Gloss Enamel paint and the 3D Gloss Enamel Writers for this project.

Snowman Belly Jars -

The Crystal Gloss Enamels dry transparent and beautiful, it’s definitely a fun paint to experiment with!

Snowman Belly Jars -

There are full printable instructions below. Do all the painting first, then after it’s dried for a bit, use the 3D Writers to outline everything!

Have fun!

Snowman Belly Jars


For each jar you will need:
  • Glass jar
  • Crystal Gloss Enamel paint: white or Crystal and 3 other colors of your choice
  • 3D Gloss Enamel Writer paint in the same colors as you chose above


  1. Bonnie Balwin says

    Thank you for your ideas. The Halloween ones would have been a favorite years ago. Now we don’t have enough neighbors with kids to make them. Instead we take a bag of goodies to our little friends a couple days before before and give them out. Saves Mom & Dad from going down our long driveway. However in New Mexico everyone lights their driveways on Christmas Eve to show Jesus where He is welcome. The bags with the sand only last a couple of hours and we find neighbors don’t clean them up till spring.Would like some ides: we thought of the canning jars you use in other projects. Does light really shine through them? Thank you!

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