Camp Crafts: Colorful Walking Stick

Here’s a great summertime or camp craft your kids can really use. Decorate a walking stick and take it with you on fun hikes in the woods or on the nature trails. This is a great summer camp craft and is easy enough that almost any age group can participate!

When choosing a stick, look for a sturdy one, but be sure to check them carefully, making sure there aren’t any bugs living in them. If you prefer, you can use strips of felt instead of the colored tape.

Colorful Walking Stick

printable version

Large branch or stick
Colorful tape
Pony beads

Cut strips of tape in different widths, long enough to wrap around the stick 1 ½ times. Wrap different strips around the top of the stick in whatever color patterns you like.

Tie twine around the end of a feather. Use tape to secure the end of the twine around the feather. Thread several pony beads onto the twine above the feather. Repeat this process to create two hanging feathers.

Lay the twine onto the stick and secure in place with one or two more colorful strips of tape.

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    Equipo: Hannah/Noah/Hilke says:

    I just got to know your blog! I love the things you do!!
    Thanks for sharing

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