Paper Plate Flying Saucer

Make a fun paper plate flying saucer from @amandaformaro

Boys and girls alike will love making this fun UFO from paper plates and craft jewels. This is a great project to chase away the cabin fever that comes with freezing winter temperatures!

Make a fun paper plate flying saucer from @amandaformaro

If you can remember, come July 2nd it will be UFO Day! So tuck this project away and save it for that special day too.

Make a fun paper plate flying saucer from @amandaformaro

And in case you’re wondering, yes! It flies! So have fun, make a flying saucer and have a great crafting afternoon with the kids.

Make a fun paper plate flying saucer from @amandaformaro

[full printable instructions below] First you’ll paint two paper plates silver. While they are drying make your filler by twisting up some newspaper. This will keep your paper plates from collapsing when you glue them together. You’ll paint the foam cup too.

Make a fun paper plate flying saucer from @amandaformaro

After you’ve put the UFO together, attach the jewels. I used hot glue. If you choose to use hot glue, it’s best if a grown up does that. Glue dots will work too!

If you like, hang this flying saucer from the ceiling! Use a toothpick to poke a hole in the top of the cup before gluing it to the top of the saucer. Thread string through the hole, knot from the inside and glue it. Skip the step of adding the round craft jewel to the top.

Paper Plate Flying Saucer
  • 2 paper plates
  • 1 Styrofoam coffee cup
  • Silver acrylic paint
  • Craft jewels
  • Instant grab glue, hot glue gun or glue dots
  • Newspaper
  • String (optional for hanging)
  1. Paint the backside of both paper plates and the Styrofoam cup silver.
  2. Turn paper plates over. Twist newspaper and glue it inside one of the plates. This will give the plates some cushion and filler, keeping them from collapsing.
  3. Glue the plates together, silver sides facing out.
  4. Cut the Styrofoam cup in half, keeping the top half, discarding the excess. Glue small craft jewels around the cup and glue the cup to the top of the saucer. Glue a large craft jewel to the top of the cup.
  5. Glue craft jewels around the outside of the saucer, leaving about an inch of space between each one.


  1. Jayshree says

    Hi Amanda,
    Love your flying saucer idea.Could you suggest any other stuffing other than newspaper as we need it for a school project with 88 kids.


    • says

      You could use any type of paper, craft paper, writing paper, copy paper, or even toilet paper, paper towel or fiberfil stuffing. Anything really, it’s just to keep the plates from collapsing, so use whatever you have on hand! :)

  2. yahira nunez morales says

    your flying saucers are amazing! i wish i was like you! i would by one of your flying saucers but my parents don’t let me:( my sister has one of your flying saucers. i cant stop using it at home. my friends are sooooooo jealous!they are sooooo cool! your amazing! bye!


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