Craft Stick Beach Plaque

Craft Stick Beach Sign

Summertime means family vacations and trips to the beach. If you’ve collected a bunch of seashells but just aren’t sure how to display them, grab some craft sticks from your stash and make a beach plaque. Hopefully you brought a little sand back with you too!

Craft Stick Beach SignThis is a fun projects for kids and adults to do together. It’s easy to make and the variations are many. A fun decoration for the bathroom or entryway.

Craft Stick Beach SignFirst paint the craft sticks then glue them all together. I made mine uneven and jagged.

Craft Stick Beach SignUse white craft glue to write the word “beach” and gently press the pebbles into the glue.

Craft Stick Beach SignApply and spread some glue with a paintbrush to the bottom of the plaque where you want the sand to be. Cover the glued area with sand and let sit for a few minutes before shaking off the excess.

Craft Stick Beach SignGlue seashells and a starfish to the bottom along the sand.

Craft Stick Beach SignHere’s a close up, I included some teeth as well. You can purchase seashells, teeth and starfish at the craft store if you didn’t get lucky at the beach this year!

Craft Stick Beach SignDid you hit the beach this summer?

Craft Stick Beach Plaque


  • 10 jumbo craft sticks
  • Small pebbles
  • Assorted shells, fish teeth and a starfish
  • Sand
  • White craft glue
  • Twine or string
  • Acrylic craft paint: Sea Green and White
  • Paintbrush
  1. Paint all of the craft sticks with Sea Green and let dry. Glue all of the craft sticks together, side by side. Do not line them up perfectly. Off set them so they appear jagged.
  2. Dry brush white paint over the top to give the green a washed out look, leaving some green peeking through.
  3. Use white craft glue to write the word BEACH in capital letters across the top of the plaque. Place small pebbles in the glue to create the letters.
  4. Use a paintbrush or your finger to spread white craft glue across the bottom and a few inches up both sides, then cover the glue with sand and let sit for five minutes. Tap off the excess sand.
  5. Glue starfish and shells along the sandy area. Glue the fish teeth in a row in the middle of the plaque.
  6. Fashion a simple hanger from twine and glue it to the back.
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  1. says

    I love this! We bought our first house, a fixer upper, in January and are doing our room in a beach theme. Unfortunately, with all the repairs and such we haven’t been able to afford decor yet. however, I think I have everything to make this! Thanks!

  2. Lyn says

    I LOVE the beach! I live in Kansas so I don’t see the beach very often. Please keep nautical themes coming.

  3. Raquel says

    As I was doing this craft with my 17 month old, I had to use non-toxic kids paint and found that the glue won’t stick to the craft sticks. I then tried painting the sticks after gluing them together and it made the paint crack. I’m now doing a third version where I laid the craft sticks horizontal and have placed two craft sticks vertical gluing them to the horizontal ones.


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