Bottle Cap Flower

I collect all sorts of things that members of my family consider junk or garbage. I save bottle caps, but I’ve also bought bottle caps to use for fun craft projects like this flower that’s in my herb garden. I left it out all year through snow and rain, so now it has a fabulous rusty finish and I love it!

How to Make an adorable and rustic Bottle Cap Flower by Amanda Formaro, Crafts by Amanda

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26+ Kid’s Puppets You Can Make

26 Kid’s Puppets You Can…

I was poking around the Internet looking for some fun ideas for kid’s puppets and found myself in a wonderland of cuteness! The sheer number of ideas for kid’s puppets is astounding and I couldn’t … [Read More...]

I just signed up for this year long photography class and the price is amazing, I cannot WAIT for it to start. So excited!!

The Photography Course…

One of my goals for 2015 is to improve my photography skills. I took four years of photography throughout high school, but things have changed so much since then that it’s a whole different world! … [Read More...]

Recycled Village of Gingerbread Houses by Amanda Formaro of Crafts by Amanda

Recycled Village of Gingerbread…

I’ve always loved the look of a gingerbread house, and I adore a Christmas village scene, but I haven't had a village for several years. Gingerbread houses are fun, but all too often are temporary … [Read More...]

Seashell Angel Ornament by Amanda Formaro of Crafts by Amanda

Seashell Angel Ornament…

Every year I make a couple new ornaments for Christmas. This seashell angel ornament was one of those and she looks lovely hanging on the tree. This would be a fun project for older children, and … [Read More...]

Paper Plate Paddington Bear by Amanda Formaro, Crafts by Amanda

Paper Plate Paddington Bear…

Have you heard? Paddington Bear is coming to the big screen! That’s right, you can see one of your favorite book characters come to life in theaters on January 16th. Paddington comes from the beloved … [Read More...]

Paper Bag Reindeer Puppet by Amanda Formaro, Crafts by Amanda

Paper Bag Reindeer Puppet…

This cute paper bag reindeer makes a fun puppet. It's a great way for kids to have a Christmas themed puppet show with their friends! Make several reindeer so each child can have their own puppet. … [Read More...]

Paper Plate Elf by Amanda Formaro, Crafts by Amanda

Paper Plate Elf…

Christmas elves are those adorable little helpers that Santa employs to make toys and care for his reindeer. These days the elf has also taken on a new role: The Elf on a Shelf. Whether or not you … [Read More...]

Pinecone Snowman Ornament by Amanda Formaro, Crafts by Amanda

Pinecone Snowman…

I made this adorable pinecone snowman several years ago when I was working for a website called Kaboose. Isn't he cute? I love that he looks like he's skiing downhill when he hangs from the tree … [Read More...]

Faux Stained Glass Paper Snowflakes by Amanda Formaro of Crafts by Amanda

Faux Stained Glass Paper…

Kids make paper snowflakes every year around the holidays. Ask your grandmother and she’ll remember making them with her mom. This year, turn your ordinary paper snowflakes into these colorful … [Read More...]

DIY Chalkboard Pyrex Dishes, Amanda Formaro of Crafts by Amanda

Chalkboard Pyrex Dishes…

I love my Pyrex storage containers. They don't absorb odors from food, they don't stain (think tomato and plastic, ick!) and they are stackable and see-through. If you’re looking for a useful gift for … [Read More...]