The Photography Course I’ve Been Waiting For!

One of my goals for 2015 is to improve my photography skills. I took four years of photography throughout high school, but things have changed so much since then that it’s a whole different world! That was before DSLR’s and digital cameras. I have my fair share of cruddy snapshots of my kids throughout the years, but now that I have my DSLR (and even when I was using my digital camera) I’ve seen a big difference in my photos. But I’ve seen some truly amazing shots around the Internet of kids and families and I wanted to learn what they knew. That’s why I was so thrilled when I heard about SHOOT 2015 and couldn’t wait to sign up (a Christmas gift to myself)!

I finally found the photography class I've been searching for!!

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Heading Back to College & a Giveaway!

Heading Back to College & a…

This post brought to you by Brita. All opinions are 100% mine. My daughter Kristen is in her third year of college. Unlike many students, she didn't stay in a dorm. She teamed up with three … [Read More...]

Owl Craft Using Recycled Jar Lids from Amanda Formaro of Crafts by Amanda

Owl Craft Using Recycled Jar…

Like many trends, I figured that owl crafts would have died down a bit by now. But they haven't, they've lasted and I'm so glad! I love all the cute owl crafts that are out there, that's what inspired … [Read More...]

OH MY GOSH! Cutest bookmarks on the planet, must make these! - Monster Bookmark Craft by Amanda Formaro of Crafts by Amanda

Monster Bookmark Craft…

If you're looking for a fun bookmark craft, these adorable and colorful monsters are perfect for holding your place! If your kids love monster crafts they'll definitely want to make these. I've … [Read More...]

Holy cuteness! HOURS of fun for the kids! 55+ Cardboard Tube Crafts for Kids

55+ Cardboard Tube Crafts for…

If you're looking for cardboard tube crafts for your kids to make, I've got you covered! I love to make recycled crafts, but cardboard tubes are probably one of my all time favorite supplies. I'm not … [Read More...]

Cardboard Tube Craft: Make a Colorful Ghoul Family! These are ADORABLE and perfect for Halloween! But monsters are great any time of year, so this works year round! From Amanda Formaro of Crafts by Amanda

Cardboard Tube Ghoul Family…

It's no secret that I make lots of cardboard tube crafts. There's something about cardboard tubes that just immediately gets my creative wheels turning. I've made so many over the years that I've lost … [Read More...]

Painting on Jars with Glass Stain by Amanda Formaro of Crafts by Amanda

Painting on Jars with Glass…

If you visit Pinterest on a regular basis, you know there’s no shortage of ideas for painting on jars. I had experimented with glass stain paint before when I made this Beach Flag Sun … [Read More...]

Clothespin Airplanes: Snoopy and the Red Baron by Amanda Formaro of Crafts by Amanda

Clothespin Airplanes: Snoopy and…

Probably not what you expected from a clothespin airplane craft, so let me explain. Snoopy's birthday is on August 10th and I was always a big fan when I was a kid! Growing up I loved watching … [Read More...]

15+ Fun Back to School Ideas: bookmarks, pencil holders, book covers, cork boards, chalk boards, lots of ideas here! PLUS at the end links to even MORE ideas!!

15 Fun Back to School Ideas…

You've shopped for your supplies, and now you're looking for some fun and kid friendly back to school ideas. Whether it's colorful ways to hold all those pencils you just bought, or ideas for keeping … [Read More...]

Colorful Sun Catcher from Glue

Colorful Sun Catcher from Glue…

This sun catcher is totally fun, but you will have to wait several days for it to dry. That makes this a perfect weekend project. Do the first part of the project on one weekend, and the following … [Read More...]

DIY Colorforms: Magnetic Dress Up TrayDIY Colorforms: Magnetic Dress Up Tray

DIY Colorforms: Magnetic Dress…

Going on a road trip? Do you remember how fun Colorforms (affiliate link) were when you were a kid (or am I dating myself here?)? You can make your own Colorforms type game, perfect for the back seat … [Read More...]