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Foam Cup Chick

isn't this Easter chick craft adorable!? A foam cup, pipe cleaners and paint. So sweet!

I actually drew a little inspiration from somewhere else when making this adorable springtime chick from a foam cup. I was browsing Pinterest and found this picture (below) of a cute stuffed chick pot sitter. As soon as I saw it, a foam cup popped into my head. The rest is history. :) Get the tutorial for my Foam Cup   Read More »

Cardboard Tube Polka Dot Pig

What a cute little cardboard tube piggy! I love polka dots and he's so sweet :)

This idea literally popped into my head while I was sitting at the craft table doing something completely different. I had some polka dot duct tape sitting on my table, but there was only a small amount left on the roll. Then there it was. A polka dot pig. Amazingly, I used what was left on the roll to make   Read More »

Seed Packet Decoupage Clay Pots

These decoupage clay pots are so cute! I need to get some seed packets :)

I was at the Dollar General one day and saw that they had a big display of flower and vegetable seeds. I grabbed several, but then the “must recycle everything” portion of my brain kicked in and said “hey, what are you going to do with the empty packets? Hmm?” I like to decoupage clay pots, they turn out so   Read More »

3D Tropical Fish Painting on Canvas

This tropical fish painting is three dimensional and full of beautiful colors!

This tropical fish painting is near and dear to my heart. It was inspired by a large piece of wall art I saw while on vacation a couple of years ago in Florida. We stayed with my good friend Jodi and she had a large tropical painting hanging in her guest bathroom. I loved the textures and the three dimensional   Read More »

Stick Tree Silhouette

This Stick Tree Silhouette from @amandaformaro would look great in my front entryway! So easy too!

If you’ve followed this blog with any regularity you probably know that I love tree crafts. I’ve painted several trees and even used recycled denim to make one, and this tree silhouette is no exception. I have a board on Pinterest where I collect things that inspire me. If I’m thumbing through a catalog and see something I’ll look it   Read More »

Recycled Spring Jars with Texture

I love how bright and cheerful these recycled jars are. The three dimensional effect is so cool!

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been posting a lot of colorful spring crafts lately. That’s because winter is clinging to my little town in southeast Wisconsin and is just refusing to remove its claws. It was snowing this morning, and the other day I woke up to more snow. It’s not sticking, thank goodness, but the temps really need to   Read More »

Little Pom Pom Sheep

How sweet are these little sheep made from pom poms?? What af un Easter or spring craft for the kids :)

Sheep, which is the grown up version of a lamb in case you were wondering ;-) are one of the adorable symbols of spring. These look kind of like babies don’t they? Sure I could have made these with white pom poms, but I love color in crafting! Head over to Spoonful for my Pom Pom Sheep tutorial.

Craft Stick Bunnies

Aww so cute! Love these craft stick bunnies from Crafts by Amanda. A great Easter craft for the kids.

It doesn’t have to be Easter to make a fun bunny rabbit craft with the kids. Spring or summer, an animal or forest unit, or even just because you want something colorful to make on a rainy day. I’ll show you how to make these colorful bunnies over at Spoonful. Get my Craft Stick Bunny tutorial at Spoonful.

Craft Stick Spring Birds

Cuuuuute! Craft stick spring birds from Crafts by Amanda - this will be great for our spring unit.

It’s spring. Well, according to the calendar it is, but it was snowing in southeast Wisconsin this morning. Someone needs to tell Mother Nature that she’s late. I need more color in my life after months and months of white snow, so these craft stick spring birds were just the ticket. I think someone needs to invent a feather dispenser.   Read More »

Polka Dot Treat Cups

Holy cuteness! Perfect for Easter, can't wait to make these with the kids!

These treat cups were inspired by my Easter Chick Placeholders which are also adorned with polka dots but are made from terra cotta pots. These treat cups are fun, colorful and easy to make. You’ll find my instructions over at Spoonful. I’ll show you how to make my Polka Dot Treat Cups at Spoonful.

Peacock Duck Tape Business Card Holder

I love this business card holder made with peacock and glitter Duck Tape! Must make one :)

This post brought to you by Duck Brand. All opinions are 100% mine. A few times per year I attend blogging conferences and always need business cards. I don’t even remember how many years ago I stopped carrying a purse. Now I carry my license and debit cards in my pocket or in a little miniature wallet just for cards.   Read More »

Foam Cup Frog Craft

This frog craft is perfect for our upcoming frog unit! Just need to get some foam cups!

April in National Frog Month, and you’ve probably noticed I’ve posted a couple other frog crafts here lately. This one involves some painting, which kids absolutely love to do. I know it’s messy business, but if you lay out newspapers or a plastic dollar store tablecloth and have the kids wear a smock, clean up is a breeze. I found   Read More »

Cardboard Tube Craft: Featherheads

Cardboard Tube Featherheads - Crafts by Amanda @amandaformaro

Quite often I have an overabundance of cardboard tubes in my craft room. I can’t help it, I just can’t throw them away. With spring officially here, I couldn’t wait any longer to put together a colorful craft for the kids. This adorable cardboard tube craft is super easy and they make for a great puppet show. Pick some colors   Read More »

Metallic Vintage Bird Decor

Make these Metallic Vintage Birds using vintage costume jewelry and paint! Project by @amandaformaro

I don’t use metallic paints a lot, but they can add that special something you are looking for in a room. Normally I would associate metallic paints with Christmas projects, things that require a shiny finish. But in this particular case, I combined this paint finish with some mismatched jewelry from a garage sale to make this super easy vintage   Read More »

Family Memory Cards

Family Memory Cards for little ones - Crafts by Amanda @amandaformaro

A great activity for small children is playing a memory game. It’s even more fun if instead of generic shapes they can use things that they personally associate with. This memory card game uses drawings of family members as well as items associated with those family members, to help young ones develop their memory skills. Plus, it’s fun! Check out   Read More »

St. Patrick’s Day Cootie Catcher

St. Patrick's Day Cootie Catcher

Need a last minute idea for St. Patrick’s Day? Print off this free cootie catcher I posted over at Kix Cereal. The printable was created by my good friend Jen Goode. Get the free printable St. Patrick’s Day Cootie Catcher on Kix.

Great Craft Ideas – February 2014

Favorite Craft Projects for February 2014 @amandaformaro

I am constantly out perusing for great craft ideas. Everyday I share things either that I’ve made myself or things others have made that I’ve found around the web. There are so many amazing project ideas out there. The Internet has provided us with a free and simple way to find just about anything, something we couldn’t do 20 years ago.   Read More »