Pretty Spring Napkin Rings

Pretty Spring Napkin Rings

Easter is almost here, so if you need that little something to dress up the table, these pretty springtime napkin rings could be just the ticket. Using pastels colors, simple wooden napkin rings, and some sturdy wire, you can make this with plenty of time to spare. They are also perfect for Mother’s Day, afternoon tea or even a picnic in the park! Great for summertime entertaining.

Pretty Spring Napkin RingsI created this project for Michael’s via DecoArt to show people that you can create pretty projects using Craft Smart paint! If you haven’t tried Craft Smart paint, you can only find it at Michael’s Craft Stores and it’s less expensive than most of the other brands. These is a fabulous brand to use for kid’s projects as well! I used round wooden beads and some wire I found near the floral department. You can click the picture above for a larger view to see what I used.

Pretty Spring Napkin RingsFirst you’ll paint and decorate the beads. Use a toothpick for polka dots and a paint pen for swirls. I actually found the easiest way to keep the beads in one place was to insert a toothpick into a piece of Styrofoam and place the bead on the toothpick. Great for drying too.

Pretty Spring Napkin RingsOnce the paint has dried, place each bead on a toothpick and rest them atop of cardboard tubes so the beads won’t touch any surfaces. Paint the beads with Triple Thick, which will give you a nice, glossy coating. I gave mine two coats. Then cut the wire into 4-inch lengths, run those through the beads, and set the fraying edges with hot glue. Add pony beads to the ends. Click the picture above for a larger view.

Pretty Spring Napkin RingsFull and printable instructions are below. Happy Easter!

Pretty Spring Napkin Rings


  • Americana Triple Thick Gloss Glaze
  • 5 Wood Round Beads 1-in
  • Naturally Wired (vine wrapped wire)
  • White Paint Pen
  • Several toothpicks
  • 2 pink pony beads
  • 2 green pony beads
  • 2 yellow pony beads
  • 2 purple pony beads
  • 2 light blue pony beads
  • Hot glue gun
Craft Smart paint:
  • Light Yellow
  • Apple Tart
  • Grape Taffy
  • Pink
  • Pale Blue
  • White
  1. Paint each of the wooden beads with each of the Craft Smart colors except for the white. Repeat for a second coat.
  2. Use a white paint pen to decorate some of the beads. Use a toothpick to add tiny polka dots and the handle end of a 4 Round paintbrush dipped in paint for larger polka dots.
  3. Place a cardboard tube on the work surface, standing up. Put a toothpick through the bead’s hole and rest it on the end of a cardboard tube so that the bead is suspended. Apply a coat of Triple Thick Gloss Glaze. After it’s dry, repeat for another coat.
  4. Use wire cutters to cut the vine wrapped wire into five 4-inch lengths. Insert into the hole of the wooden bead and bend the ends so that the bead won’t fall off. Add a dot of low temp hot glue to the ends and quickly twist the end so that the glue will hold down any frays.
  5. Place a pony bead (match the colored pony beads with the colored wood beads) on the work surface and add a dot of hot glue into the hole of the pony bead.
  6. Poke the end of the vine wrapped wire into the pony bead. Repeat on the other end of the wire and for all the napkin rings.
  7. Wrap napkin ring around napkin, bending the vine wrapped wire to fit your napkin.
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  1. Carol A. Dreith says

    I love all of the projects I have looked at but I cannot figure out how to print them. It would be more beneficial for me to print a copy because I have a group of ladies to teach

    • says

      Hi Carol :) I have corrected this particular project. I had to switch print versions of my program as the one I was using was causing too many internal problems. You should be able to print this project now.


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