Shimmering Star of David

Shimmering Star of David -

Craft sticks and glitter make up the majority of this fun craft for the upcoming Jewish holiday, Hanukkah. Share your festive holiday traditions and stories while gathered around the table making this project. A fun way to explain the meaning of the Star of David to your kids.

Below is a short video that shows the glitter since photographs are not very good at capturing it.

Shimmering Star of David -

Wrap the sticks with yarn, glue them together and paint with glue. Sprinkle with glitter and hang!

Shimmering Star of David -

Very pretty, don’t you think?

Shimmering Star of David


  • 6 craft sticks
  • White yarn
  • Blue and white glitter
  • Blue ribbon
  • 6 blue craft jewels
  • White craft glue
  • Instant grab glue
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
  1. Note: You can paint the craft sticks white before you begin if you like. This will help to hide any wood that may peek through the yarn. This step is completely optional.
  2. To begin, add glue to the craft stick and wrap with white yarn. Repeat for all six sticks.
  3. Use instant grab glue to connect three craft sticks together in a triangle. Repeat for the other three.
  4. Mix a small amount of white glue with several drops of water, just enough to thin the glue. Paint the triangles with the glue mixture, getting the yarn wet.
  5. Sprinkle blue glitter over the wet triangles.
  6. Repeat with white glitter.
  7. Use instant grab glue to attach one triangle to the other, creating the star. Again, using instant grab glue, attach a blue craft jewel to each point on the star. Attach a ribbon hanger.
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