Bread Tag Gingerbread Men

Bread Tag Gingerbread MenTomorrow is the last day of school before winter break. My 17-year old daughter wanted to make something for her friends, so we decided to make the Rice Krispy Gingerbread Men from my cooking blog and I made these cute little bread tag gingerbread men to tie the bags closed.

Bread Tag Monsters and SnowmenYou might remember the bread tag monsters I made last year for Halloween and the bread tag snowmen I made last Christmas.

Bread Tag Gingerbread MenSo when Kristen said she wanted to make the Rice Krispy Gingerbread Men treats on a stick, the little gingerbread bread tags seemed like a perfect addition.

Bread Tag Gingerbread MenIf you want to make some, here are the supplies you will need:

Plastic bread tags
White paint pen
Fine point black Sharpie
Flat paintbrush
Small scruffy paintbrush
Acrylic sealer spray, matte finish

Acrylic paint (I used Americana, colors listed below in parenthesis)
Brown (Light Cinnamon)
Pink (Poodleskirt Pink)
Light green (Pistachio Mint)
Orange (Tangelo Orange)
Purple (Purple Cow)
Yellow (Pineapple)
Light blue (Winter Blue)

Bread Tag Gingerbread MenPaint the bread tags with brown paint. I used a thin coat for the first, and a thick coat for the second. You will need to paint the back too. I also traced one of the tags onto a piece of paper so I could draw out the faces before painting them. Use a scruffy paintbrush dipped in pink paint. You have to dab off a lot of the excess paint so that your brush is dry to the touch, then dob on the cheeks.

Bread Tag Gingerbread MenUse the handle end of the paintbrush to add the noses using the pink, green, orange, purple, yellow and blue paints. Next dot on the black eyes. Use the white paint pen to draw on the ric rac. After the black eyes have dried, dip the tip of a toothpick into white paint to add the white dot to the eyes. After everything has dried, spray with the acrylic sealer.

Bread Tag Gingerbread MenThen you just attach them to your bags!

Bread Tag Gingerbread MenSorry the pictures are a little harsh. Since high school starts early, my daughter leaves for school before the crack of dawn. Therefore these pictures were taken last night under fluorescent light.

Bread Tag Gingerbread MenAnd since she asked me yesterday after school if we could make these (and I use the word “we” loosely. She was at youth group while I was in the kitchen and the craft room haha!) there wasn’t really any daylight left for a photo shoot. ;-)

Bread Tag Gingerbread MenSo under the bright lights it is.

Bread Tag Gingerbread MenI’m glad she asked though. I actually had these on my crafting to do list, so this was ideal timing. If I don’t post again before Christmas day, I hope every has a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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  1. Mareth says

    These are adorable. Can I ask where you got the longer bread tags from. I’ve only seen the “square” size ones from loaves of bread. Thanks for your help.

    • says

      I don’t remember specifically, but I buy bagels and English muffins, and those come with bread tags too. So it’s possible they were off of those.


  1. […] For a long time I saved up a collection of bread tags, knowing that there had to be some wonderfully creative use for them. Amanda from Crafts by Amanda has made them into several cute projects, including these adorable gingerbread men! How cute would these be if you used them to close up little bags of holiday treats? (Now I know what to do with mine!) You could even turn them into jewelry or mini ornaments! [how to make bread tag gingerbread men] […]

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