Recycled Spring Jars with Texture

I love how bright and cheerful these recycled jars are. The three dimensional effect is so cool!

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been posting a lot of colorful spring crafts lately. That’s because winter is clinging to my little town in southeast Wisconsin and is just refusing to remove its claws. It was snowing this morning, and the other day I woke up to more snow. It’s not sticking, thank goodness, but the temps really need to start coming up so the plants can begin to sprout and the trees can bloom.

I'm loving the way these recycled jelly jars look! What a cool effect!

To bring a little spring into your home, we are going to make these three dimensional jars that are great for holding faux or real flowers or even these fingerprint flowers (pictured) you might have made with your kids when I posted them last year.

These recycled jars are so pretty! Perfect for spring or Easter, I can see using this 3D effect on a lot of projects!

If you follow along on Instagram then you may have seen this post from earlier this week…

Yeah. Enough already.

Or maybe you saw this one, which is quite hilarious actually. See the barn’s “face”? I swear he wants to eat me every time I drive by. He’s probably just mad because the snow is still on the ground beneath his feet!

Stop fighting it Old Man Winter. It’s time to wave goodbye for the season. Let spring come in.

So very pretty! I love the textured look on these spring jars, and the tutorial looks pretty easy!

So, you can probably see why I’m dying for spring. And why I keep posting all these bright and colorful projects. I figure if I “will” spring to come in, it will come.. eventually.

I can't wait to make these! These recycled jars will look great in the center of my table for Easter. So. Doing. it.

I don’t have any step-by-step photos this time. Unfortunately when I downloaded these I had a problem, lost them and they couldn’t be recovered. The good news is that the steps are really easy and words should be enough.

I love all these recycled spring jars, but the sun design is my favorite. oh the possibilities!

The instructions are printable below. You can use what I used, which was an Americana Enamel 3D Writer. Or you can use Tulip 3D Fashion Paints, AKA Puffy paint. I wouldn’t recommend using a hot glue gun simply because of all the strings.

Love these spring textured jars, and the kids and I are going to make those sweet fingerprint flowers too!

Hope you have fun with it. Happy spring!

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Spring Textured Jars


  • Recycled glass jars
  • 3D paint writer (we used Americana Writers in white)
  • Spray paint: pink, yellow, light blue
  1. Wash and dry jars and give them a rinse with rubbing alcohol. Be careful not to touch the outsides of the jars with your fingers as the paint can repel from the oils in your hands.
  2. When jars are dry, use a three dimensional writing paint to draw designs on the sides of the jars. Allow to dry as least 5 hours, preferably overnight.
  3. Spray the outside of the jar with spray paint; applying several thin coats at 30 minute intervals. Several thin coats is preferable to a couple of thick coats as thicker coats tend to run. Let dry overnight.

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