Cardboard Tube Farm Animals: The Round Up!

Cardboard Tube Farm Animals

The Farm Series has been posted! All of the cardboard tube farm animals are now officially up. I hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as I enjoyed making them. I think my favorites have to be the chicken and the pig. :) Do you have a favorite?

Here are the links to each tutorial, or you can go to the farm animals label and get them all there.

Cardboard Tube Pig
Cardboard Tube Chicken
Cardboard Tube Chicks
Cardboard Tube Lamb
Cardboard Tube Goat
Cardboard Tube Horse
Cardboard Tube Cow
Cardboard Tube Dog
Cardboard Tube Cat

Cardboard Tube Farm Animals

So what’s next? Zoo animals maybe??

Craft Stick Farm Animals

If you are looking for another farm animal craft, try my craft stick farm animals!

Foam Cup Farm Animals

If you liked these, you will love these adorable foam cup farm animals over at Kids Activities Blog!


  1. Tess says

    My favorite is the cat, or the pig. No the horse. Definitely the horse. Or maybe the cat.
    I love them all but especially the horse. The pig is sooooo cute. Are you going to make an owl? Owls are on farms too, barn owls.

  2. Laura says

    These are adorable. I might try and make some Wonder pets for my son's party. Any ideas on those characters?

  3. Joan says

    Thanks for this precious idea. We are making these for a ladies spiritual retreat for one of the breakfast tables. The theme of the meal is “Down on the Farm!” They are adorable! Good job!

  4. simeon claudine says

    merci pour vos creations elles sont superbes je suis animatrice dans une ecole primaire les enfants adorent faire les activitees merci cordialement bonne journee

  5. Maleeka says

    Theses r so adorable . I am a pre school Art teacher. And we had the farm theme on. I made all these with my 300 children.they love them. It was a great help.


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