Game of Thrones Inspired Art

Game of Thrones Inspired Art

I was so proud of my daughter, she made these canvases for her friend/roommate, a big fan of Game of Thrones. We love the show too! One day she asked me if I could help her make something her roomie had spotted on Pinterest. Kristen is very giving and kind, always has been, one of her best traits! So she knew immediately she wanted to make them for her roomie’s birthday.

Game of Thrones Inspired Art

She came over and all I did was give her some direction, that’s it. She did these all by herself. I did do the letters as she had never stenciled anything before, but everything else was all her! She painted them, shaded them… everything. She really enjoyed the process too, so I think she’s found herself a creative outlet. :)

Game of Thrones Inspired Art

I was really proud of Kristen for this as she’s always thought she didn’t have any artistic talent. But once she started painting she really found it enjoyable and wants to do more. I’m so glad!

There won’t be a tutorial for these as Kristen was actually inspired by something her roommate had found on Pinterest that was pinned from an Etsy shop. So instead, I’ll link to the shop so if you want a set you can buy them from there.

I just wanted to show you Kristen’s work because I am so proud of her. Way to go girl! :) Oh, and yes, her roommate loved them!

Have your read A Game of Thrones (affiliate link) or do you watch the HBO show?

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Game of Thrones Inspired Art


  1. Kelli says

    Great work Kristen! I love it when I get to see someone find their creativity. One of my favorite things to do is spend time crafting with my daughter who is now 20. I am a crafter and put paitbrushes and paints, crayons, markers,paper into the hands of my daughter and nieces as soon as they were able to hold on. I always told them and still do, not to be afraid of it, if don’t like the way a project comes out they can always toss or fix it, to at least give it a try. It seems to have paid off because all three of the girls are very creative and have their own creative outlet to express themselves. I am very proud of my daughter who is very crafty and has done some beautiful art work, photography and painted clay sculptures.

  2. Glenda says

    Do you steps or a tutorial on how to do they lettering? I have been wanting to try, but don’t know where to start.

  3. says

    Hi Amanda,
    You and your daughter did a beautiful job on these paintings. She most definitely has artistic talent! :) Thank you for sharing the link to my Etsy shop. I’m glad my artwork inspired a great gift- hope her roomie loved them!


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