Glow in the Dark Plastic Water Bottle Bowling

Glow in the Dark Bowling & Kix Cereal Collaboration

I’m excited to announce that as of today, I will be posting a new craft project or kid’s activity over at once per week! Each Wednesday I’ll share a new activity or craft that’s easy and fun for your kids. I’ve worked with General Mills before several times through my cooking blog (do you remember the Monster Brownies from a few years ago?), but this is the first time a collaboration has taken place through my craft blog. I love working with the great team at General Mills and am thrilled to be posting for Kix.

Today’s activity is not only great for nighttime summer fun (think camping, flashlight tag, ghosts in the graveyard, woot!), but this would also be a really fun game for a sleepover or slumber party any time of the year.

Head over to to check out Glow in the Dark Bowling!

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  1. emii says

    How cool is that!! Am planning a sleepover for my dgts & friends and this would be one of the PERFECT activities to do! Thanks for not making me rack my brain cells too hard! ;-D And BIG congrats on your work with Kix!!

  2. says

    If you carefully cut open to glowsticks and pour the liquid into the water it will glow brighter and you can keep it glowing afterwards by placing the water bottles into the freezer. It will last a couple days.


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