Ladybug Craft: Sun Visors

Ladybug Sun Visors by @amandaformaro

Today I have one of the easiest ladybug crafts ever to share with you! Make these adorable ladybug sun visors using foam visors from the craft store, paint and a round sponge applicator. A fun group craft, great for camp or a sleepover.

Ladybug Sun Visors by @amandaformaro

These are so easy, they just require some drying time, and not even that much! Aren’t they cute? Your kids will love these, they are fun to make and fun to wear.

Ladybug Sun Visors by @amandaformaro

These visors come in a variety of colors, so pick whatever you like and get started!

This would be a great group craft. Think summer camp or day camp, after school care, or even a sleepover. Do you have a ladybug unit coming up? This is a fun project to include!

Ladybug Sun Visors by @amandaformaro

Here’s just how simple they are. You will need a couple of round sponge applicators, a big one and a small one.

Ladybug Sun Visors by @amandaformaro

Use the big one dipped in white to create the eyes.

Ladybug Sun Visors by @amandaformaro

Clean it off and use it dipped in black for the spots.

Ladybug Sun Visors by @amandaformaro

Then after the whites of the eyes have dried, use the small applicator dipped in black to add the pupils. You can also add eyebrows with a black fine point pen if you like.

Guess what? You’re done! Just wait a little while for them to dry before wearing them. Have fun!

Ladybug Sun Visors by @amandaformaro

Isn’t Dominic a good sport? He was goofing around and put the visor on, then he actually let me take a picture. Haha.

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Ladybug Sun Visors


  • Foam visors
  • White and black craft paint
  • Round sponge applicators (large and small)
  • Fine tip black marker
  1. Dip large round applicator in White paint. Apply two large circles next to each other at the top front of the visor for the eyes.
  2. Clean out applicator and dip in Black paint. Apply in various places on the visor to create ladybug’s spots.
  3. When white eyes are completely dry, use small round applicator dipped in Black to add the eye’s pupils.
  4. Use a fine tip marker to add eyebrows.


  1. Susan Hennings says

    These are very cute! and yes, it looks so easy for the kids to do. We have cousin camp coming up at the beach! Great idea! Thanks

  2. says

    Hi Amanda,

    These sun visors look very beautiful and colorful as well. You are perfectly right. Kids will love these cute accessories.

  3. says

    Hi, I love these! Want to make some for my daughters birthday give aways for the children. I just wanted to know what kind of paint you used? I live in the Netherlands, we have acrylic paint, oil paint and this morning I tried posterpaint, but the last one did not work out unfortunately).. love this idea. Thank you for your advice.

  4. agnes buya says

    Thanks for sharing. These are really cool. since we cannot find foam shaped caps for children here in Livingstone, Zambia, we will make some with the children using card board(recycling boxes) and elastic. They will not be as perfect but i know they will be great and the children will surely love them.


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