Layered Felt Flower Magnets

Cute flower magnets made from layers of felt, great for Mother's Day!

I drew a little inspiration for these layered felt flower magnets from one of my previous projects. I’m actually running a little low in my felt stash, so I was digging through the containers and came across some felt circles I had brought home from the CHA show a few years ago. They were from a make and take demonstration I did and have been at the bottom of the stash pile ever since.

These layered felt flower magnets would make a great Mother's Day project!

The paisley patterned felt made me think of flowers. Not sure why, but it did. And so the idea for these layered felt flowers was born.

layered felt rainbow magnet

Here’s the layered felt rainbow if you would like to try your hand at that.

Get the tutorial for these layered felt flower magnets on Spoonful.


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