Love Birds in a Heart Tree

Birds on a Branch: Love Birds in a Heart Tree on Canvas - @amandaformaro

I’m sure you’ve seen a variety of different birds on a branch silhouette designs out there, I know I have. But what about love birds on a branch? Amazingly enough, there are lots of those too! I wanted to paint a small canvas with love birds on a branch, just for Valentine’s Day as a fun piece of decor that isn’t too big and intrusive.

Birds on a Branch: Love Birds in a Heart Tree on Canvas - @amandaformaro


love birds on a branch google image results

I did a google search and checked for images I could draw some inspiration from. As you can see, there’s quite a few different versions, but the one in the lower right caught my eye because of the heart shaped leaves.

Birds on a Branch: Love Birds in a Heart Tree on Canvas - @amandaformaro

I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because I’m left handed, but I wanted my branch to start from the left. So I opened the image in Photoshop and flipped it. Disclaimer here – this photo belongs to Deposit Photos I only used it as inspiration, my tree and branch design is considerably different.

Birds on a Branch: Love Birds in a Heart Tree on Canvas - @amandaformaro

First I drew out my design, using the photo as inspiration. I started off with an 8×8 canvas and used graphite transfer paper (similar to carbon paper) to trace my design onto the canvas. When I was done (and after I made a pattern for you guys) I experimented with a dark color in the background, right onto my drawing. I didn’t like it. But just for future reference, this is a great way to experiment on paper before actually painting your design on canvas.

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Birds on a Branch: Love Birds in a Heart Tree on Canvas - @amandaformaro

I painted the branches and the birds first. I actually used a brown metallic paint for the branches, specifically Americana Dazzling Metallics in Rich Espresso. Then with Dazzling Metallics Festive Red I added the large hearts. For really small hearts it was easier with a toothpick. I also used Emperor’s Gold and Festive Green on the painting, but you can get all that info in the full printable instructions below. :)

Birds on a Branch: Love Birds in a Heart Tree on Canvas - @amandaformaro

I originally made this painting for JoAnn Fabrics via DecoArt.

Birds on a Branch: Love Birds in a Heart Tree on Canvas - @amandaformaro

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Love Birds in a Heart Tree


  1. Place graphite transfer paper carefully onto the canvas and place pattern over the top. Use a pen or a stylus to trace over the pattern, transferring it to the canvas.
  2. Use a flat paintbrush to paint the bulk of the tree branches with Rich Espresso.
  3. Use a round paintbrush to paint the thinner branches and the birds with Rich Espresso.
  4. use a round paintbrush to paint the larger hearts with Festive Red.
  5. Use a liner paintbrush to add the smaller hearts with Festive Red.
  6. Use a round paintbrush to add leaves to the tree if you like.
  7. Use liner paintbrush to add a few random hearts with Festive Green and Emperor’s Gold.


  1. cynthia says

    I really love your crafts I have 4 things at the moment I would like to do.
    Thanks to you I am getting inspiration back in my life after a couple of really bad years and loving it.

  2. says

    I loved it , so I made it. I painted all the large hearts red
    the smaller hearts i painted different shades of pink. I painted
    the birds blue, it’s really cute….Thank you

  3. Ratna says

    I made this for my hubby as a valentine gift and he loves it. I am not a crafty person and it was the first time I painted on canvas so I was nervous but your tutorial helped a lot. Thanks a lot Amanda!


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