Paper Bag Tree

Paper Bag TreeOne day my son brought home a cute project from school. A brown paper lunch bag, cut and twisted to look like a tree blowing in the wind. The teacher said she originally found the idea in Family Fun Magazine. I used the project my son brought home to recreate it and show you how easy it is too. This is a great fall craft for the kids!


brown paper lunch bag
tissue paper in fall colors (brown, red, orange, yellow)


Open the paper bag so that it can stand by itself. Carefully hold the bottom of the bag and twist just above the seam/fold several times.

Use scissors to cut strips from the top of the bag down to the twisted section.

Gather three strips at a time and twist together to form the branches. Continue twisting three strips until you run out of strips to twist. If you end up with an uneven amount, twist four together or two together at the end.

Tear or cut small pieces of colorful tissue paper and glue a few on here and there as leaves for the branches.

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  1. June Scott says

    For kids? Well, I guess I'm a kid at heart! I think this would look great tucked in amongst the pumpkins on my fall mantel! Thanks for sharing!

  2. creativejewishmom/sara says

    This is such a brilliant idea, I'm gonna make some too! Thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

  3. RS says

    Apparently there are multiple ways to do this craft – at Hebrew school and at story time, my daughter did it in two different ways. (The Jewish holiday of Tu B’Shvat, the Birthday of the Trees, is on January 26 this year.)


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