Recycle Craft: CD Coasters

Recycle Craft: CD Coasters by CraftsbyAmanda.comAs computer systems are continually upgraded, CDs become obsolete. Games, music, promotional DVDs, all are great projects in the making! Recycle your old CDs into a chic set of coasters that are beautiful and useful.

Recycle Craft: CD Coasters at CraftsbyAmanda.comI have a drawer in my craft room dedicated to old DVDs and CDs that I refuse to throw in the garbage. I made these coasters a few months ago and they are still holding up beautifully. In fact, I have one sitting right next to me as I type this with a coffee cup atop it!

Recycle Craft: CD Coasters step by step - CraftsbyAmanda.comThese were really easy to make and I think the results are fabulous.

Recycle Craft: CD/DVD Coasters by CraftsbyAmanda.comLooking for a great gift for the holidays?

Recycle Craft: DVD/CD Coasters by CraftsbyAmanda.comGuarantee this will be a unique and appreciated gift. :)

Recycle Craft: CD Coasters


  • Recycled CDs or DVDs
  • Colorful fabric
  • Sand paper
  • White spray primer
  • Felt
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sharp scissors
  • Mod Podge Hard Surface
  1. Trace a CD onto your fabric. Repeat for as many different fabrics you want to use.
  2. Lightly sand off the side of the CD that has a design or writing on it. You don't have to sand everything off, just take the gloss coat off.
  3. Spray 2 coats of primer onto the CDs, allowing for proper dry time in between coats.
  4. Cut the circles out of the fabric, cutting them a little smaller than the traced circle to allow for some "border" around your coasters.
  5. For each coaster, cut a 3-inch circle from the felt.
  6. When primer is dry, hot glue the felt circles to the bottom of the Cds.
  7. To the top of the CD add a coat of Mod Podge. Gently press the fabric circle onto the coated CD and press out any wrinkles or creases. Allow to dry for 20 minutes before continuing.
  8. Apply two coats of Mod Podge to the top of the CD over the fabric, allow 2 hours dry time in between coats.
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  1. says

    These are TOO DARN CUTE!!! Seriously, this is fantastic!!! I will quit throwing away old, scratched DVDs and start giving them to my daughter so she can make these.

    Thank you!

    • says

      Thanks Amanda! These are totally durable too, I made these a few months ago and they are still going strong. I have one on my desk I use everyday! :)

  2. Colleen says

    I love this idea and will definitely be making some to give as gifts. I was wondering if you could make this an easy post to Pinterest as I know several other crafters who would repin it.

  3. Feveline says

    j’aime beaucoup !! très astucieux et coloré, ça donne envie d’inviter plein d’amis…. histoire de frimer un peur ah!ah!

    merci bizzz

  4. jan morgan says

    Does the fabric actually absorb any condensation from the glass or cup, especially with the glaze atop, or are they just to protect furniture from hot/cold items? Great idea!

  5. says

    I did some with paper napkins and old images and to cover the little hole in the middle I simple cover it with a circle sticker or a piece of tape.
    Nice tutorial.

  6. jan morgan says

    I made sets of coasters with old tee shirt backs and microfiber cloth on the fronts. We live in the tropics, and any glass with ice just drips onto ‘traditional’coasters. These soak up the condensation and my tables stay dry! I also add an edge of braided thin rope around the edges. No priming, sanding or gloss required! I can post pictures if you’d like..

  7. says

    This is such a great idea! We have tons of old CD’s and DVD’s! Thanks for sharing :) A group member of our CafeMom group Holiday and Party Crafts shared this with us members with a link back here to your blog for the tutorial. I’m glad she did! ~Yolanda~

  8. Ligia says

    Hi i live in Brasil anda i dont now what is •Mod Podge Hard Surface
    …can you explain to me please….

    • says

      Yes, you can use paper. Paper tends to bubble if not decoupaged properly, so take these steps when you do them:

      1) Paint a layer of decoupage onto the CD and allow it to dry for 20 minutes
      2) Paint a layer of decoupage onto the back of the paper and apply it to the CD like you were gluing something. Be sure to press out any air bubbles. Let it dry for 2 hours.
      3) Add decoupage over the top after drying time is complete.

      The reason that decoupage tends to bubble up on paper is because you are applying a wet substance to both sides. Allow one side to dry first ensures that it is completely stuck to the surface. Therefore when the top coat goes on it won’t lift the paper causing any bubbles.

    • says

      Hi Victoria. You could use white paint instead. If you go without completely, then the edges beneath the fabric that are showing will be whatever color your CDs are. Plus the white adds a coat over the CD covering the color beneath, otherwise it would show through the fabric.

  9. Tracy says

    Love this idea and have tons of cds! However, we drink a lot of ices drinks in the summer which equals a lot of sweat. Would it work if you covered the top in felt then wrapped with fabric with more felt on bottom to cover fabric lines? Or would they just eventually mildew?

    • says

      Hi Tracy. I’m afraid I’m not able to visual what you are suggesting with the felt and the fabric. However, I CAN tell you that I made these coasters in September of 2012 and I have used tons of iced, sweaty cups and glasses on them. They sometimes stick to the cup when you go to pick them up, and while wet there will be a ring visible on the coaster. However, when it dries the ring is gone and they are as good as new. I have not had any problems with them.

  10. Phyllis Pelletier says

    i just made these. however, this am my coffee cup kept sticking to the coaster. only when the coffee cooled did it not stick. DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG?? then this pm with my glass of tea, the condensation of the glass left a white ring on the coaster………SO NO I AM NOT TOO HAPPY. JUST WONDERING DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG. I DID IT EXACTLY LIKE THE DIRECTIONS. PLEASE COMMENT

    • says

      Hi Phyllis. My coffee cup sticks to mine too and my cold drinks will sometimes leave a ring. You did nothing wrong. :) Once the ring dries they are just as good as new. I have been using mine for two years and they are still going strong!


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