Scandinavian Plaster Ornaments

Scandinavian Plaster Ornaments -

Clean white and beautifully bold red are the main colors in Scandinavian designed ornaments and decorations for Christmas. These ornaments are pre-made, all you have to do is paint them!

Scandinavian Plaster Ornaments -

You can find these ornaments at Michaels craft store. They are made by ArtMinds and are plain white plaster. Just take out the hanger, paint, seal and put the hanger back on! Pretty simple. :)

Scandinavian Plaster Ornaments -

I have just a couple more Christmas projects to share, and then I hope everyone has a joyous time with friends and family.

Please remember to hug everyone close to you a little tighter at least once this week. As tragedies unfold around us, it’s easy to see how lucky we truly are.


  1. Amanda says

    Hi , Just curious if plaster ornaments can also be made at home . Any idea how you would make them ? I am super cheap ,lol and was trying to find a way that I could make a bunch of these to hang out in our huge tree in the yard. Loved this idea by the way , red is my favorite color. :)

    • says

      Hi Amanda! I have not made any myself, however I’m sure it could be easily done with Plaster of Paris and some sort of molds. Not sure how well cookie cutters would work as I’m not sure if the material would seep underneath the cookie cutter edges before it dries. However, I would think it would be thick enough that it would work, maybe fill the cookie cutter and then tape the cookie cutter down so as the material dries it doesn’t lift up?

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