Shabby Chic Cottage Garden Bench

When I owned my store it was in this quaint little town full of antique shops. The shops were all buildings from the mid 1800s and were all houses at one time. The “house” next to me had this single white picnic table bench sitting in the backyard. So I asked the neighbor if I could have it. It was cool because it was already aged from being out in the elements for several years, so I had a head start. :)

I found a pretty pattern of a cottage in a garden setting and went to town painting it. When it was done, I displayed it right near the front door where anyone coming in could see it. I received many compliments, but no buyers, so I kept it. I remember being really annoyed when this one woman came in, said “Oh what a pretty bench” and that proceeded to plop her fat butt down on it to tie her shoe! The audacity! LOL I thought it was really rude to sit down on my painting. :-P As you can see from the photo, I still have it and keep it in my front yard. I have had it as a decoration in my house too. It’ll have to come in for winter soon.

Here’s a close up…

Here’s a close up of the cottage…

Also, I’ve started a new blog today, but haven’t made it pretty yet. I’m going to post all my menu plans and recipes over there instead of here, so I can keep this one all crafts and such. :) It’s called Amanda’s Cookin’ and I hope to post in that daily as well. Today I will post this week’s menu plan as well as the recipe for Chocolate Orange Cake and the Italian Pot Roast (slow cooker) we had last night.


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