Colorful Kitchen Experiment for Kids

Your kids are going to love this! This is so fun and all you need is some milk, dish soap and liquid food coloring. Watch the video to see how it’s done, then grab a bowl, an audience of little eyeballs and your magic hat, and prepare to dazzle the kiddies.

EDITED 3/9/11 – I’ve added another video that shows how to create an awesome star. This is perfect for little kids as they don’t have to drop the dish soap in, they use a cotton swab instead. I’ve also added some more pictures showing the effects on the star as you use the cotton swab in different areas.

Let me start off by giving some credit where credit is due. I certainly didn’t think of this brilliant, yet simple science project. A friend of mine, Chef Ryan, sent me a link to a You Tube video with these fun instructions. If you want to know HOW this works, please go to the You Tube video link above. I won’t pretend to know how to explain it. :)

VIDEO NOTES: pardon the long shot of the plain milk in the bowl while I explain what’s happening. Other than that I think we did ok! No barking dogs, I turned off the TV, and no phones ringing. Woo hoo!

Below are just a couple more cool still shots of the experiment :) The last one where it’s starting to look army green is when all the colors are finally starting to blend together.

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The next video shows how to make this awesome star. Below the video are several still shots of after effects. Enjoy!

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  1. Deeba PAB says

    This is real fun. My lad found something like this on you tube & we had a great time looking at him do it!

  2. Kat says

    Awesome doesn't begin to describe this. I don't even have kids and I may try this and make it just to see it react and change colors.

  3. Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma says

    what a great rainy day project with my rugrats! bookmarking this! thanks for sharing, amanda!

  4. RedTedArt says

    Oh my, that looks WONDERFUL and fun and so pretty! Love love love!!!

    PS thank you for linking up Kids Get Crafty!

  5. Rachel Harwood says

    SOOO much fun! I'd love for you to join my For the Kids Fridays link party!!

    :)rachel at

  6. Amanda says

    @Anon – That's an interesting idea! I don't think it would work though, I'm thinking it would just blue together. You could certainly try it though. Let me know if it works!

  7. Miz Helen says

    Hi Amanda,
    What great fun! Your post is very informative and a great project for the little ones. Thank you for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday and please come back!

  8. Josh and Melinda says

    NEAT!! Kid at heart, and going to go play with the kids! I'm thinking some white tissue paper or onion skin to lay on top and 'capture' their pattern!

  9. Anonymous says

    WOW!!, did'nt have food coloring, sent Hubby running (ha, he drove) to store & all they had was gel, did'nt work, sent him to few more place's & only gel, geez! wuwt!!, so, could'nt do it, but, Granddaughter used it to finger paint, she was happy, will look on-line for Regular food coloring. Can't wait to try this look's like so much fun.. TY Jackie Theisen

  10. Amanda says

    Thanks everyone, so fun!

    Jackie – I'm surprised you couldn't find liquid food coloring, it should be by the spices, herbs and extracts. :) Of course, assuming you are in the U.S.!

  11. Anonymous says

    You are so talented!! I have been browsing through you site and you are truely gifted!! I love all the ideas and crafts!! I will definately be subscribing to you!!!
    ps I love this milk and food dye idea! cant wait to share it with my kids!!!

  12. Sabina says

    Try adding HAND SANITIZER!!! Woah, that is funky! We tried it w/ the milk first and then experimented further with the hand sanitizer. It was cool to see the different reactions!

  13. says

    Thanks for the great site. I need some help with reproducing the star. No matter what variation I try, I only get results like the first set of images. Nothing even closely resembling the star. I’ve tried cold/warm milk, more/less milk, more/less soap, more/less food coloring.

    Can you suggest any more details to try to produce the star? Is the heavy cream vs milk the key? Thanks!

  14. Lisa says

    When I saw the first video, I was excited! My kids aren’t due home for another hour and a half, but I was getting the bowl out and the food coloring. Then I watched the second video where you used the qtip to create a star and I was like a little kid, sitting here going, “Whoooooa, Coool!” Thank you for the fun idea, can’t wait to hear my kids…

  15. Leah says

    I did this with my 2 great grandsons and they absolutely loved it. They want to do it all the time now but can’t understand why we can’t save it. We ran out of the liquid food coloring, and like someone else posted, I can not find it. I usually shop at Krogers or Wal-Mart and both of them only had the gel ! I will keep looking tho.
    Thanks for sharing !


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