Conversation Valentine Treat Holders

Conversation Valentine Treat Holders

I love all the conversation heart crafts around for Valentine’s Day. I’ve made some other conversation heart crafts, and I’ve made treat holders for other holidays as well. So when I saw the cute pink feather boa in the craft store the other day, I was immediately struck with this idea. Well, a variation anyway. My original thought was not about conversation hearts, but rather a more generic Valentine design.

Conversation Valentine Treat HoldersOriginally I was thinking of painting the cups with red paint and then decorating them with white and pink hearts, another with polka dots, and so on. But as I was going through my paint I was looking at the pretty pastel colors and my thoughts went straight to conversation hearts. I made some Conversation Marble Magnets a couple of years and also made this Paper Conversation Heart Wreath for Kaboose a few years ago.

Conversation Valentine Treat HoldersRecently I saw some cute Valentine buckets at Pier One. They were a glittery pink or red (can’t remember) with a soft white feathery rim. I drew my inspiration from all of these things to come up with these conversation treat holders. They are easy to make and would be cute for classroom treats or a Valentine party!

Conversation Valentine Treat HoldersI used Americana paints, but you can use any acrylic craft paint that you have on hand. Use pastel colors, I used Americana Baby Blue, Wisteria, Baby Pink, Pineapple and Pistachio Mint. Paint your cups and let them dry. Give them a second coat if you think they need it.

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Conversation Valentine Treat HoldersFor the handle, bend both ends of a white chenille stem, about 1″. As you can see I’m curving the chenille to demonstrate how it will look. Poke the chenille stem through the foam cup and bend to secure.

Conversation Valentine Treat HoldersGlue the feather boa around the rim of the cup, overlapping the chenille handle. You can use a marker to write the words, I used some 3D paint, an Americana Writer in purple. I could not bring myself to use red, which is what real conversation hearts look like. I just couldn’t! The colors of the cups were too pretty! :)

Conversation Valentine Treat HoldersWhen everything is dry, line with tissue paper and fill with treats!

Conversation Valentine Treat Holders


  • Foam cups
  • White chenille stems
  • Pastel acrylic paint
  • Pink feather boa
  • Marker or 3D paint writer
  • Instant grab glue


Conversation Valentine Treat Holders

Conversation Valentine Treat Holders

Conversation Valentine Treat Holders


  1. Tami says

    They are so cute, Amanda! Love the colors. :) They would make great mini Easter baskets, too. Alexis will love the feathers on them. I can’t wait to show her.

  2. says

    I love this project! My kids adore the feathers and we are off to the Dollar Store to get the supplies.
    I have to fess up to an oops, I accidently added my website to your party link ups. I am new to blogging and misunderstood! Sorry…


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