Craft Stick Crafts: Barnyard Farm Animals

Craft Stick Crafts: Farm Animals by @amandaformaro

Craft sticks can be turned into just about anything. The cute characters found in a barnyard are a great example! Cows, horses, pigs, chickens and more, all in craft stick form! I’ve always loved craft sticks as a surface. They are inexpensive and have so many possibilities.

Craft Stick Crafts: Farm Animals by @amandaformaro

You can make animals out of them, as you can see here, but their boundaries are almost limitless. Snowmen, super heroes, jewelry boxes, scarecrows, mummies, puppets, the list goes on and on!

Craft Stick Crafts: Farm Animals by @amandaformaro

Farm animals are fun because your child can choose whatever color they want. Who says a chicken has to be white? Why not purple or pink? Horses can have long manes, short manes, spots or no spots. Cats can be solid in color, have stripes or splotches, or why not polka dots?

Craft Stick Crafts: Farm Animals by @amandaformaro

Let your child’s imagination run free or if they like, follow the colors and designs in these instructions. Whatever is most fun for them!

Craft Stick Crafts: Farm Animals by @amandaformaro

[Printable instructions below] Once your child has decided on colors, have them paint their jumbo craft sticks.

Craft Stick Crafts: Farm Animals by @amandaformaro

You can use buttons for noses and snouts and felt for embellishments like manes and beaks.

Craft Stick Crafts: Farm Animals by @amandaformaro

As you can see I drew mine out first to get an idea of what mine would look like.

Craft Stick Crafts: Farm Animals by @amandaformaro

And there you have it! A set of barnyard animal puppets your child can play with or use as bookmarks!

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My friend Beth from Hungry Happening wrote to me and showed me the most adorable edible farm animals I’ve ever seen! She was inspired by my craft stick version and I absolutely LOVE them! You can see these adorable farm animal pretzels here.

Craft Stick Farm Animals


  • 5 jumbo craft sticks
  • Googly eyes
  • Buttons (tan and pink)
  • Small pink bead
  • Scissors
  • Glue or glue dots
  • Felt: light brown, dark brown, black, pink,orange, and red
  • Paint: white, black, light brown, pink and orange
  • Fine point marker
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  1. Begin by painting the craft sticks. Two of them will be white and the other three will be pink, light brown, and orange. paint some black splotches randomly on one of the white sticks.
  2. Use a thin paint brush (or you can use a black Sharpie!) to add stripes to the orange stick.
Cut out pieces from felt for:
  1. Pig’s ears – pink
  2. Cow’s ears – black
  3. Horse’s ears and snout – light brown
  4. Horse’s mane and forelock – dark brown
  5. Chicken’s comb: red
  6. Chicken’s beak: orange
  7. Cat’s ears: orange
  8. You can use glue, or if you like Glue Dots, to attach the googly eyes to each craft stick. Glue the felt pieces in place for each animal and glue on buttons and the cat’s nose bead, and you have yourself a barn full of new friends!


  1. Nick says

    I recently subscribed to your website. I applaud you for your resourcefulness. Loved your idea of a fairy garden, rainbow button chime and of course the barnyard farm animals. Keep up the great work & looking forward to your next projects. You’ve given me ideas for making my niece and goddaughter’s bedroom happier with lots of color!



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