Snowman Garland

Snowman Garland

I actually started this snowman garland several weeks ago and kept getting sidetracked. I finally got back to the crafting table so I could finish this project and share it with you! I adore snowmen and seems like every year once I get in the groove, it’s time to start making Valentine’s Day crafts. Ha ha.

Snowman GarlandI am actually really happy with how they turned out. My original idea included hats and ear muffs, but I ended up liking them plain.

Snowman GarlandFor this garland I used a bag of 2 inch [amazon_link id=”B001685PEQ” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Styrofoam balls[/amazon_link] and some [amazon_link id=”B004VD41FW” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Magikote[/amazon_link]. In case you haven’t heard of Magikote yet, it’s a product developed by Decoart that gives Styrofoam a paintable, sandable surface. I love working with these two items. The possibilities are endless and they make for really lightweight projects. If you would like to see some other projects I have made using Magikote and Styrofoam check these out:
Numbered Decorative Orbs | Egg Monster | Sports Ball Ornaments | Giant Sand Dollar

Snowman GarlandFor this project, I gave each ball a good coat of Magikote. Now Magikote requires a solid 2-3 hours of drying time, so plan ahead. After the first coat I added a second. When they were dry, I sanded the balls to get rid of the rough edges. Then I inserted a toothpick into each ball (which goes right into the Magikote without cracking or anything, just like corkboard) and placed them in floral foam blocks. And that’s where they sat for about 3 weeks!

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Snowman GarlandThe other day, after hubby finished making my craft table (yay!), I sat down to finally finish this craft. I used some red Mardi Gras beads I had sitting around. I measured them first and figured out how many sections I would need. After cutting the beads into sections, I used my thumb to press the end bead into the hole that the toothpick had been in. To coax that bugger in there more, I applied firm but gentle pressure with the eraser of a pencil. Once it was firmly inside the ball, I removed it and added some hot glue.

Snowman GarlandThen I was able to easily press the end bead back into the hole. I did this for all of the balls. When done with each individual ball, I connected them all to each other using the same method. Then I looped some ribbon and inserted them into the end heads to create the hangers. To make sure that the faces were all facing the same way, I hung the garland up temporarily.

Snowman GarlandNext I cut orange toothpicks in half (I have several boxes of colored toothpicks, not sure if you can get them anymore, but you could always paint plain ones.) then trimmed them down a bit to get them to the size that I wanted. While the garland was hanging up I hot glued the noses on. Then I took the garland down to finish decorating. I applied pressure to the noses to create an indent and sink them into the ball a bit. Then I used a scruffy brush and [amazon_link id=”B001B2TXOA” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Americana Pink Bubblegum[/amazon_link] paint to add the cheeks. I used a fine point Sharpie to add the mouths and eyebrows and the handle end of a paintbrush dipped in black paint for the eyes.

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Snowman GarlandThat’s it. Once they were dry I hung it up again and sprayed two coats (dried in between) of acrylic matte sealer.

Snowman GarlandAfter hanging them up they still ended up with some faces pointing down and some pointing up. I just used a little wall putty on the back of the heads to stick them to the wall to keep them all even. :)

Snowman GarlandI don’t actually have a mantel, and my walls are made of plaster (which means no thumbtacks!) so the kitchen is where they ende up.

Snowman GarlandThese were not easy to get pictures of either, ha!

Snowman GarlandFun!


  1. says

    These are REALLY CUTE Amanda!! Love them! Think I’m going to check out the sand dollars you mentioned too!.. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! ~tina

  2. Holly says

    Hello Amanda….just had to tell you,these snowmen are too adorable!I am also a snowman person,I love them! Also,congrats on your new table built in time for Christmas by your honeypie!How awesome is that ! ! !
    All the best to you and yours for a most wonderful Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year!

  3. says

    Oh my GOSH, these are awesome! I’ve just found your website and somehow it’s sucked up almost 2 hours of an already busy day for me.

    Thanks for sharing this idea and all of the steps. My two year old will absolutely love this. It’s plenty hands on for her and not too dangerous!

    Thanks – now if we could only get some snow down here in Tennessee!!

  4. Dawn says

    I, like you, also Love snowmen. I think you did an awesome job. I was thinking at first that you had used ping pong balls before reading on and saw you used Styrofoam balls.

  5. monique says

    Love these , will be making some variation of them for sure.
    And as for hanging stuff ……COMMAND HOOKS (I use them everywhere as my hubby won’t let me put nails into our mantel) or other odd spots I hang stuff from (I use the see-thru ones and leave them up (no one complains…YET) :)


  1. […] File this one under "clever Christmas decor ideas."  Using two of DSC's favorite supplies, foam balls and mardi gras beads, Amanda from Crafts by Amanda made a festive and adorable garland of snowman heads!  The secret ingredient in this project is DecoArt's MagiKote, a product that gives styrofoam a sandable, paintable surface.  You can also adapt this idea for all kinds of other holidays and events: leprechauns for St. Patrick's Day, bunny heads for Easter, baby faces for a shower, beach balls for a pool party…  What other occasions can you think of that would work with this craft?  [how to make a snowman garland] […]

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