Witch’s Hat Craft

These witch’s hats are easy enough that young kids can make them and whimsical enough that even adults will enjoy the project.

Simple adjustments in embellishments will allow you to change the difficulty level. So whether it’s little ones that need a fun project, or you have a craving for crafting yourself, these hats make a great table decoration! Make a few for this year’s Halloween party.

Hope you like them!

Get the full instructions at Kaboose

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  1. Tiffiny Felix says

    These are very cute :) How on Earth did you start making crafts for Disney? I think that's really cool :)

  2. Amanda says

    Thanks Tiffany :) It actually started about 4 years ago. A friend of mine, a fellow webmaster (I was running my website familycorner.com at the time), had been contacted by Kaboose.com. At the time they were not owned by Disney. Anyway, they were looking for someone to make crafts for their site and my friend was too busy with hers so she referred them to me. They gave me a few test assignments and I have been with them ever since :) In June of '09, Disney acquired kaboose and luckily I came along for the ride.

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