4th of July Luminaries

4th of July Luminaries

I made these luminaries today to celebrate the 4th of July. These would work great for Memorial Day and Patriot’s Day as well, or just any time you want to show your patriotic spirit. I’ll be displaying them on my Independence Day table and will light them up as we sit around the campfire. They will make a great addition to your patio or deck!

4th of July Luminaries

You could use any type of glass jar that you want. I used these 4 canning jars I had left over from making homemade cherry pie filling. Mmm! I’m a little late on the holiday band wagon, but I fit them in when I can! Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th!

4th of July Luminaries

My notes: I got “lucky” enough to get a batch of crappy red paint. How I managed to pick that bottle out of all the bottles on the shelf I will never know. However, since I did grab a bottle of bad paint, that caused the paint to peel up with the Contact paper (didn’t happen with the other colors, and I’ve had trouble with this paint on other projects too, booooo hiss!), and so that’s where the idea came from to use the glitter glue. It was a cover up job! ;)

4th of July Luminaries

To make these 4th of July Luminaries you will need the following supplies:

Glass jars
Red, white and blue acrylic paint
White piece of paper
Black Sharpie
Contact paper
Clear gloss sealer spray

Draw a star on a piece of paper. Place the drawing underneath a piece of Contact paper. Trace the star onto the Contact paper, one for each jar.

4th of July Luminaries

Cut the star out and peel off the backing. Place the star onto the jar and press to make sure that there are no air bubbles and that all corners are pressed down.

4th of July Luminaries

Paint jar with one coat of acrylic paint and let dry completely.

4th of July Luminaries

Make sure the paint is dry before peeling the contact paper off. Pipe glitter glue around the star and let dry several hours. Spray with gloss sealer and let dry. Give the jar two more coats of sealer spray, allowing it to dry for 20 minutes between coats. Tie twine around the rim of each jar.

Variations: Use thin strips of Contact paper to create stripes, or small squares on your jar. Another option is to coat your jar with white glitter glue before spraying with sealer. I did 4 stars on one jar, stripes on another, and little squares on another.

4th of July Luminaries

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  1. 2forgetful says

    These look great and fairly simple to make. Thanks for all of the great craft ideas. Your tutorials are excellent.

  2. Alison says

    O my goodness, you totally read my mind!! I attempted spray painting some baby food jars and left some vinyl stars on them… but I wasn't thrilled with how it turned out. Yours are FANTASTIC! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Amy Bowman says

    this is great! cant wait to experiment with this idea…featured you today at "AP Tuesdays" thanks so much for linking up


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