Weathered Paint Stick Beach Flag

Weathered Paint Stick Beach Flag by @amandaformaro

Beach decor is probably my all time favorite. I love making things with starfish, seashells, and sand dollars. There’s something about beach decor that brings the ocean indoors and reminds me of how relaxed I feel when I’m there. I live in the midwest, quite a ways from the ocean, so bringing it into my decor is the next best thing.

Weathered Paint Stick Beach Flag by @amandaformaro

Recently, someone gave me a big box of paint sticks, so I tucked them away for a future project. I’ve actually been meaning to make this beach flag for quite some time and was finally able to sit down for a couple of hours and get it done.

Weathered Paint Stick Beach Flag by @amandaformaro

I’m in love with beachy colors. I chose to use DecoArt’s Americana paint in Cool White, Sea Glass, Whispering Turquoise, and Oyster Beige. I’ve used DecoArt paints on many, many projects and love it!

Weathered Paint Stick Beach Flag by @amandaformaro

My bathroom is decorated with some other beach projects I’ve created, like this Weathered Newport Beach Sign, these Textured Glass Beach Canisters, and this Beach Starfish Plaque. The Weathered Beach Signs are among my favorites. Here are all my beach crafts if you want to have a look.

Weathered Paint Stick Beach Flag by @amandaformaro

This flag measures about 12-inches wide. Eventually I’d like to make another one that’s much larger, similar in size to my PB Inspired Rustic Colonial American Flag.

Weathered Paint Stick Beach Flag by @amandaformaro

Before I show you how I made this, I should probably clear something up right away. I know that the American flag has 13 stripes. I also know that its colors are red, white and blue. This project was “inspired” by the American flag, it’s not meant to be a replica. With that said, I hope that you enjoy the project!

Weathered Paint Stick Beach Flag by @amandaformaro

I started by lining up seven paint sticks. Some of them were a little warped, but gently bending them with my hands helped bring them back to shape. I laid out the starfish to help me decide which ones to use.

Weathered Paint Stick Beach Flag by @amandaformaro

I painted the sticks, alternating colors as I went. The end result was 2 green, 2 blue and 3 white. After they had dried, I dry brushed white over the blue and green sticks. I used a sponge applicator to paint the starfish white, and once they were dry I added a layer of Oyster Beige.

Weathered Paint Stick Beach Flag by @amandaformaro

Sanding all the edges and corners came next. I also sanded the face of the sticks and the starfish.

Weathered Paint Stick Beach Flag by @amandaformaro

I hot glued the sticks together, one by one, gluing from the backside so that the glue wouldn’t show. Next, I tied a hanger out of twine and glued that to the back, then turned the whole thing over and glued the starfish in place.

Weathered Paint Stick Beach Flag by @amandaformaro

All done and ready to hang!

Weathered Paint Stick Beach Flag by @amandaformaro

I am a DecoArt Core Blogger. I was compensated for this post, but have always loved DecoArt products! Therefore, all opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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  1. Terri Betz says

    Wowed! Beauty! Amanda you’ve done it again! Can’t wait to make this sign! Thanks so much! I just love your stuff! :)

    • says

      Aww thanks Lana! I was inspired by another project when I made this, but couldn’t find it when I posted. I saw it last year :) Theirs was different and only blue and white, but it inspired me just the same!

  2. says

    I love this, Amanda. So cute. I’ve just called my dad who was on the way to Lowe’s for a project he’s working on at my house and asked him to grab me 7 paint sticks. (They tend to hid them at my local store, so I hope he is successful.)

  3. says

    These are beautiful! I love the pastel, beachy theme. Thanks for linking up at Whatever Goes Wednesday last week. This was the most viewed link, so we’ll be highlighting this at tomorrow’s party. We hope you’ll come take a look and join in the party fun again!

  4. Henri says

    this is so neat and easy to do with grandkids as is. I took it a step farther and painted a sail boat &small waves and a lighthouse. I finished it and a visiting neighbor took it for a church sale. BOO HOO, never got a pic. But thatnks for the inspiration. YOU are a gem.

    • says

      Hi Kristeen! I got them from Michaels over by the floral and all the vases and marbles. They had bags of various sized starfish. I had used the bigger ones on another project, and these little ones were what was left in the bag. :)

  5. Liz says

    Amanda, I just wanted to tell you how much I like this project. I am redoing a bedroom in a coastal theme. This is the first project for my room. I am just finishing it and I love it. Thank for posting it. Liz.

  6. afc350 says

    I fell for this project the minute I saw it. Have all the supplies and going to make it this weekend. My question is, did you give the paint sticks a heavy coat of paint, or a thin coat where the grain of the paint sticks showed? I so love your creativity. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Meg Mayo says

    I’d like to have my Girl Scouts make this. But, we don’t use hot glue. What would be your suggestion for a glue to glue the sticks together, and add the starfish? We’d let it dry till our next meeting (2 weeks!)


  1. […] Well, I found this little treasure worth bookmarking. I really like the colors she chose, I like the fact that it’s a little outside the box (not red, white and blue) and I like being reminded that no, I don’t need milk paint for everything  distressed. She used Americana  brand. I sell Ceramcoat.  Difference? Not really. I recall, from my days at Michael’s Stores Inc. (going back a few years now) that we sold Apple Barrel, Ceramcoat and Americana. (I can only italicize the brand names so often. I couldn’t be bothered with it anymore. Sorry) [Mental note to self: Don't write when you're tired. You sound bitter ;-p] Really, it came down to price or color for everyone. I invite you to check out her tutorial here. […]

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