Craft Stick Scarecrows

craft stick scarecrows

Scarecrows are synonymous with autumn. Making fall crafts with your kids needs to include some of these cuties! Using some craft sticks, corks and mini straw hats, you can make these cute little craft stick scarecrows. Use them as plant pokes, puppets or stick them in some Styrofoam to hold them up.

The first thing you need to do is cut a slit in the wide end of the cork. Grown ups should handle a craft knife or box cutter, but kids can do this by poking the cork with a toothpick several times. Line that slit with some white craft glue and insert the craft stick.

To make the scarecrow’s scarf you’ll need a piece of fabric, about 2 inches square. Fold it in half to make a triangle and glue it together. Then wrap it around the craft stick neck and glue in the back.

You can use a Sharpie marker to draw on a stitched smile, then glue on googly eyes and a triangle scrap of orange felt.

Take cut pieces of yarn and line them up next to each other, put white glue on top of the cork head, then turn upside down to stick the head to the yarn. Put some glue inside the rim of the hat and add it to the head.

Here’s a printable version for you. Have fun!


Craft Stick Scarecrows


For each scarecrow:
  • 1 craft stick
  • 1 cork (available at craft stores)
  • 1 miniature straw hat
  • 2 wiggle eyes
  • Scraps of felt and/or material
  • Yarn, raffia or American Moss
  • Small silk flowers
  • White craft glue
  • Instant grab glue
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie markers
  • Craft knife or toothpick
  1. Holding cork with the widest end facing upward, use the craft knife to make a slit that the craft stick will fit into. You can also do this with a toothpick if you are concerned about the sharp aspect of a craft knife. Pipe a bit of white craft glue into the slit and insert the craft stick. Set aside.
  2. Cut a scrap of fabric or felt to about 2-inches square. Fold in half to form a triangle and glue together with instant grab glue. Cover one side of triangle with instant grab glue and attach to the front of the craft stick just below the cork (head). Fold the ends of the triangle around to the back and press together to adhere glue.
  3. Use a Sharpie marker to add a mouth, glue a small triangle of felt on as the nose, and add the wiggle eyes. Optionally, you can use a pink or red marker to add rosy cheeks as well.
  4. Cut yarn (or raffia, etc) into four pieces, each 3-inches long. Line them up side by side. Cover the top of the head with white craft glue and turn upside down, pressing the top of the head (cork) onto the pieces of yarn. This will pick up all four pieces a the same time. Turn right side up and add more craft glue on top of the yarn and inside the straw hat. Press the hat onto the head. Glue a silk flower to the hat.
You can use yarn, raffia, or straw for the scarecrow's hair. In a pinch, strips of construction paper or felt will work great too!

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      We have this awesome store (Trash to Treasure ?) near us where you can collect any and all different kinds of recyclables: corks, tins, glassware, etc. See if you have one in your area. They have awesome finds. For a yearly fee you can return once a month to collect as many little craft items that you like. They greatly appreciate your recyclables too!

  1. says

    These are adorable! This would be a great project to make with kids for a container garden.

    I found you through crafterminds and I’m your newest facebook friend and google follower. :-)

  2. says

    It sure pays to get caught up once and awile! OMG these are so cute i can’t stand it! This is definitely one i will be making! And I pinned! Soo clever and cute! Well done you!

  3. says

    I love these little scarecrows. I would love for you to share them at my ongoing Fall linky. I also have an anything goes linky, I would love for you to add to your list. Come strut your stuff, fri-monday.

  4. Sara @ Mom Endeavors says

    SO cute! We do themed playdates each month and I think this one might be PERFECT for our November one! :)

  5. Karen Howard says

    These Scarecrows are adorable-I’ll be making some to put into my houseplants for Fall. Thanks.


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