Snowman Felt Board

Snowman crafts - Snowman Felt Board by Amanda Formaro

Who doesn’t love cute snowman crafts? Kids love them and they are popular long after Christmas is over. A felt board is a great way to engage little ones and it encourages imagination. Snowman crafts are really popular because they are so easy to make your own. Just change hats, noses, scarves and the snowman is different.

Fun snowman crafts - Snowman Felt Board by Amanda Formaro

Here are just a few of the different ways to dress up the snowman on this felt board we are about to make.

Make a snowman felt board -

There are full printable instructions at the end of this post. You’ll cover a piece of cardboard with light blue felt to set the background. half of a white sheet is added for the snow, but we don’t glue it down in the center so we can lift the flap a bit to move trees around. As you can see from this picture, you can reposition the snowman by moving the trees.

Make a snowman felt board -

You’ll make a basic felt snowman and add eyes, mouth and cheeks with a marker. All of the other pieces are made from felt and removable.

Store all your pieces in baggies with a zipper enclosure! Great for travel too.

Other Snowman Crafts

I really like snowman crafts, especially for kids, because you can make them out of just about anything! Think about it. If it’s round or long or even square, you can imagine it as a snowman. Let me show you what I mean. Here are some other snowman crafts made from different shapes.

Cereal Box Snowman by Amanda Formaro

A cereal box is rectangular. Snowman! Definitely. Here’s a Cereal Box Snowman that I made for Kaboose a few years ago.

ANOTHER CRAFTY IDEA >>  Easy Mitten Puppets

Recycled Key Snowman Ornaments

Do you remember this snowman craft from a couple months ago? I made snowmen from recycled keys.

Snowman in a Baggie

How about a square? Check out this Snowman in a Baggie, a fun sensory project for kids.

Snowman Thermometer snowman crafts by Amanda Formaro

A craft stick is long and round at both ends. You can make a snowman from that too! Check out this Snowman Thermometer I made for Kaboose (now on Spoonful) a few years back.

Stuffed Triangle Snowman crafts by Amanda Formaro

Have you ever thought of creating a snowman craft from a triangle? I made this Stuffed Triangle Snowman for Kaboose a few years back (transferred to Spoonful).

Stackable Snowman

This cute stackable snowman is made from cylindrical containers and is perfect for holding toys, cookies, gifts, whatever you want.

Anyway, you get the point. Nothing is safe from me or anyone else turning it into a snowman! ;-) if you are looking for more, there are a ton of snowman crafts on my other blog, Fun Family Crafts. Have fun!

Snowman Felt Board


  1. Cover the cardboard with white craft glue and spread it into an even layer using your finger. Be sure that all of the cardboard is covered.
  2. Cover a little more than half of the cardboard with light blue felt for the sky. Cover the bottom section with white felt, overlapping the blue by about ½". Do not glue down the overlap.
  3. Cut out two sections of triangle trees from green felt. These can be inserted into the white felt "pocket" that overlaps the blue felt. This way the trees can be moved and your snowman can be repositioned. Cut out clouds from white felt.
  4. Cut out snowman shape from white felt, cut another and glue them together. This will make your snowman a bit sturdier.
  5. Cut noses from orange felt, stick arms from brown felt, and accessories from various other colors. You can make a top hat, stocking cap, ear muffs, scarves, mittens (not shown), a bow tie and buttons.
  6. Draw facial features on with black and pink Sharpies (hint: place a hat and scarf in place before drawing to be sure you have enough room).
  7. Kids will be able to make various different snowmen by dressing them in different accessories!


  1. says

    What a great felt board project. Having done many story time felt board projects in the past, this would be a great addition to story tellers as well as a take along toy for children! Thanks for this great idea!

  2. mary says

    hi…great craft but one question….do you need to put Velcro or something on the back of the pieces to make them stick? please let me know.thanks.


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