Cardboard Tube Polka Dot Pig

What a cute little cardboard tube piggy! I love polka dots and he's so sweet :)

This idea literally popped into my head while I was sitting at the craft table doing something completely different. I had some polka dot duct tape sitting on my table, but there was only a small amount left on the roll. Then there it was. A polka dot pig. Amazingly, I used what was left on the roll to make the pig and absolutely nothing to spare. So luckily I didn’t mess up his ears since that was the last of the tape! I think he came out really cute!

Here’s the tutorial for my Cardboard Tube Polka Dot Pig over at Spoonful.

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  1. Cookie17 says

    Amanda don’t know how u think so many thing’s to make,but just keep up,,Thank’s Have Happy Easter…….


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