Vintage Quotation Frame

Vintage Quotation Frame

Frames are an easy and inexpensive way to accessorize any room in your home. They also make fabulous gifts and can be tailored to anyone’s tastes. These wooden frames are only a dollar at most craft stores, making them a really frugal gift too! This vintage looking frame holds a simple quotation and it’s very easy to make.

Vintage Quotation FrameI put this together for Michael’s Craft Stores via DecoArt. I used Craft Smart paint, which is an inexpensive paint only available from Michael’s. It’s great for easy projects like this and ideal for kid’s crafts too!

Vintage Quotation FrameAfter painting the frame with the Vanilla paint, I did a little extra distressing by digging into the wood a bit using some wire cutters.

Vintage Quotation FrameThen I added a coat of Espresso, then dry brushed on some Robins Egg Blue.

Vintage Quotation FrameLastly I added some more dry brushed Vanilla over the top and sanded. Then cover with matte varnish and insert the quotation. Done!

Vintage Quotation Frame

Vintage Quotation Frame


  1. Paint the frame with Vanilla.
  2. Use something hard to scratch indentations into the wood. A small pair of pliers or even the little dowel from the back of the frame works great.
  3. Paint over the Vanilla with a layer of Espresso.
  4. Dry brush Robins Egg Blue over the dry Espresso layer, wiping excess paint off the brush before applying. Leave some areas with the Espresso showing through.
  5. Dry brush Vanilla over the Robins Egg Blue in various areas of the frame.
  6. When everything is dry, use a sander to remove paint from the edges and corners, and go over the entire thing lightly. It’s alright if you remove a little of the paint along the way.



  1. Kayla says

    What is matte varnish and do you need it? Also what do you mean when you say you added more dry brushed vanilla over the top and sanded? Sounds like a great project! I can’t wait to try it!

    • says

      Hi kayla :) Matte is the finish, which is opposite of gloss. You can use varnish or sealer, they have brush on and spray sealers, whatever you are most comfortable using. I used a matte finish because this is more of a rustic look and a gloss finish would not have looked right. :) About your vanilla question, Vanilla is the paint color that I used. It’s an off-white, kind of creamy ivory I guess. Just dry brush it on lightly to add a bit of brightness then use a sander to touch it up a bit. :) Hope that helps!

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