Weathered Beach Signs


Weathered Beach Signs

Spring break has come and gone and many people hit the beach during this time of year. We come back home with a bag of seashells, the sound of the ocean waves crashing in our ears, and the smell of warm, summery air in our nostrils. Bring a little of that beachy feeling home even farther by making some rustic looking beach signs to dress up your home. Ideal for bathroom decor!

Weathered Beach SignsThese signs are just simple slats of wood you can buy at the craft store. Mine actually started out with the distressed primitive look, I made them when I still had my craft store back in 2003. They definitely needed updating, so I sanded them down as much as I could before getting started.

Weathered Beach SignsI originally made this project for JoAnn Fabrics via DecoArt. I used Americana acrylic paints in Buttermilk, Flesh Tone, Spa Blue, Mint Julep and Cool White. Americana actually has quite a few new colors that are very beach worthy as well, so I’ll be using some of those in the future.

Weathered Beach SignsFirst I gave them all a coat of Cool White and let them dry.

Weathered Beach SignsThen I painted each one with the different colors noted above.

Weathered Beach SignsI used Word to create the words surf, relax, beach and sand. If you don’t like the fonts that I chose, you can certainly make your own. :) If you like them, the Word pattern file is in the printable instructions below. Trim the words and place them on the slats.

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Weathered Beach Signs

Use a ball point pen, or a stylus if you have one, to trace around the words, pressing firmly to create indentations in the wood below.

Weathered Beach SignsThis makes it a lot easier to paint your letters!

Weathered Beach SignsUse a liner brush to fill in the letters with Cool White. Note: You could probably use a white painter’s pen to do this too!

Weathered Beach SignsDry brush some streaks across the surface.

Weathered Beach SignsThen do some sanding to create that weathered look. Sand lightly in some areas and harder in others.

Weathered Beach SignsYou can see that I have sanded through some of the lettering as well as exposing the wood in the corners and on the edges.

Weathered Beach SignsIt’s totally up to you how much you expose.

Weathered Beach SignsWhen you’re done sanding, brush them off really well so there’s no sanding dust left on them. Spray them with acrylic sealer in matte finish.

Weathered Beach SignsI used wall putty to hang mine, but you could certainly attach a picture hanger to the back.

Here are some close ups at different angles:

Weathered Beach SignsWeathered Beach SignsWeathered Beach SignsWeathered Beach SignsWeathered Beach SignsWeathered Beach SignsThese would also be fun attached to a spike and placed in the yard or by the porch!

Weathered Beach Signs


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  • 4 – 7” x 3” wood slats
  • Flat paintbrush
  • liner paintbrush
  • Toothpick
  • Pattern for fonts
  • Sandpaper, preferably a handheld power sander
Americana Paints:
  • Buttermilk
  • Flesh Tone
  • Spa Blue
  • Mint Julep Green
  • Cool White
  • font pattern
  1. Paint wooden slats with Cool White paint.
  2. Paint each slat with a different color (Flesh Ton, Spa Blue, Mint Julep Green and Buttermilk).
  3. Use Word to create the words beach, surf, relax and sand or print out the pattern.
  4. Place each word onto a slat and trace the words using a ball point pen or a stylus, pressing firmly so as to create indents in the wood slat underneath.
  5. Use Cool White to paint the words.
  6. Dip flat paintbrush into Cool White and wipe off all of the excess paint onto a paper towel. You want to create a dry brushed looked, so lightly paint streaks across the surface of the slat.
  7. Sand the edges and lightly across the top of the slats to create a weathered look.
  8. Spray with an acrylic matte sealer.

Weathered Beach Signs


  1. says

    love your weathered beach signs amanda! :) they are great. Super tute too.
    hope you’re having a great weekend!

  2. carol says

    Very very nice. Tute was done so well even I could follow without once stopping and saying “What”. Nice job just like everything you do. Thanks so much.

  3. Terri Betz says

    These are stunning n expensive looking! Will be making these as soon as I can score some paints! TY Amanda!

  4. Shelly says

    What a surprise to find one of my very favorite pastimes.. making signs in my inbox. I never knew the trick w/ the ballpoint pen and the fonts on paper. I always did it free hand and ended up waisting as many signs as I made:) Happy! Happy Happy! Thank you Amanda!

  5. Cookie 17 says

    These are great Amanda look so easy ,thank’s for great project as usual,,Fantastic Job!!!,,,

  6. Christine says

    I love these! Can you tell me what fonts you used? I love the ones you picked but I need to use different words. Thanks!

  7. julie says

    genius idea on how to trasfer the letters! why have i never thought of that over the yrs!! love the signs and the fonts too!

    • says

      Thanks Julie! Yes i’ve been using that method for years. Used to transfer whole patterns that way for tole painting :) but I used carbon paper to transfer it, so the indents just made sense!

  8. brittany says

    i loove this and im in the process of doing it but i realized the lettering isnt big enough and i tried editing the fonts and making them bigger but it wont let me is there anyway you can make it bigger and send me the link?? id appreciate it !

  9. Ashton says

    HI Amanda,

    where did you get your wooden slats?

    Also I cannot find the link to the fonts above that you mention. Can you tell me which ones you used?

    How long do you let each layer dry?
    Would sandpaper work alright, I don’t have a power sander?


    • says

      Ashton, I am so sorry for the delay on replying to this! The wooden slats I bought at Michaels. The font link should now be fixed. I would allow for an hour between coats. Yes, sand paper is fine!

  10. Georgia says

    wow thanks a lot amanda! i’ve been looking for something like this for ages, but all the other methods were too hard! I’m wanting to transform my bedroom into a beach/nautical themed bedroom, so these are perfect. Thank you!

  11. Penny Johnson says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Thank you. I see where you listed the site to find the fonts, but when I “copy and paste”,I get an error message that the address is not valid. What am I doing wrong? Thanx so much…

  12. Amanda Wulf says

    This is so awesome! I live in the USVI right now so these are perfect for my decor!!!! Thank you for sharing these with us!

  13. Marcia Karnopp says

    These are great! I love the idea but might change the words
    to create a sign in my yard for:
    cookies made by Grandma


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