Halloween Painted Jar Luminaries

Full tutorial on how to make these AWESOME luminaries ghouls for Halloween! I LOVE all the colors and faces! From Amanda Formaro at Crafts by Amanda

This isn’t the first time I’ve made luminaries for Halloween. Several years ago I made these painted Ghost Luminaries which are posted on FamilyCorner, these decoupaged Pumpkin Luminaries and this Candy Corn luminary which are both posted on Disney’s Kaboose. Today I made some colorful luminaries inspired by the ones I saw on this cute blog called Not So Idle Hands. While Emily uses the decoupage method with strips of tissue paper, I opted for what I believe to be an easier, faster and less expensive method… paint.

Full tutorial on how to make these AWESOME luminaries ghouls for Halloween! I LOVE all the colors and faces! From Amanda Formaro at Crafts by Amanda

Aside from the new luminaries I made (which I describe below), I also spruced up my others after unpacking my Halloween boxes. You see, hubby had the heat up so high today, and sometimes I swear I’m experiencing early menopause, that I just had to get out of the house. So I hit the garage. Hence unpacking Halloween boxes and doing this project.

To spruce up the Pumpkin Luminaries, which are decoupaged orange material, I used a damp rag to wipe them down, then I painted the yellow facial features black. Not sure what I was thinking when I did them yellow originally! Then I sprayed them with glaze.

You can see that the white ghost luminaries have been around for quite a few years. They are nicked and scratched, and I have lost several over the years to breakage, but these are still holding up. Each year I wipe them down and add another coat of glaze.

Over the summer I bought a couple of boxes of canning jars with the intention of canning. Well that didn’t happen. So I opened a box, went inside and grabbed my acrylic craft paint, paintbrushes, and a dish of water and went to work.

One layer of acrylic craft paint on the OUTSIDE of the jar was enough for these, but you can add another if you like.

Just be careful if you do, glass is picky about being painted and will peel if you don’t allow the first layer to dry completely. Anyway, one layer gives you a nice rustic look, which I prefer, and you don’t have to wait forever. ;)

You can make stencils out of cardboard cereal boxes like Emily did, she was even nice enough to post this pattern for her faces. I like to freehand my stuff, so that’s what I did.

On a few I used a Sharpie marker to draw on the face, then I simply painted the facial features with black paint.

See that red guy on the right with the triangle eyes and the square mouth? He didn’t make it. :( When I came back to see how they were doing a few hours after I sprayed them, he had somehow fallen off the edge and broke.

I painted the jar rims with black paint. Then let them all dry for about half an hour. Spray with glaze, I use two coats. Let dry for several hours.

After they’ve dried for several hours, you can have some fun displaying them. I use tea lights, I light them with a wooden skewer. I find it easiest to take a votive candle outside with me, light the skewer off the candle, then light the tea light inside the jar.

Warning – lots of pictures! I couldn’t decide on my faves :)

Most commonly asked question on this post:

Q: Do you paint the outside or the inside of the jars?

A: The outside. :) 

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    • pam says

      These jar luminaries are so cute. We are using them for our Girl’s wkend craft
      Thanks for the easy and cute idea

        • angie says

          You can use enamel paint, put the jar on foil, then on a cookie sheet, put it in a cold oven, set at 350. Bake for 20 minutes, pull out and let cool. This allows you to wash the jars without worrying of chips or flakes. You can also bake a clear glaze over the enamel paint.
          will save you on having to touch up every year.

  1. Amanda says

    Thanks ZeidmanZoo! Yes acrylic paint works great. I've painted on jars for a long time, and the trick to remember is not to add a second coat until the first coat has dried COMPLETELY, otherwise you run the risk of peeling off the first coat. However, with these luminaries there's only one coat required, so that's not an issue :)

  2. ZeidmanZoo says

    Thanks so much for your reply! I have a clean pasta sauce jar in the recycling that I'm hoping to paint before the week is through! :)

  3. Painter Mommy says

    Oh my goodness, you craft ideas are awesome! I just subscribed to your blog.

    And thanks so much for stopping by my Painter Mommy blog and commenting. I love your idea about framing the kid's artwork. I will be doing that too.

    Have a great day!


  4. Amanda says

    Zeidman and Crafty Dollar – Thanks! hope you get to make them :)

    Ollie thanks!

    Painter Mommy – thanks for the compliments! You had some great ideas too :)

    mizntc – great! Thanks for coming by. I was looking at your beads, those spider earrings are awesome!

  5. Tonya says

    I tried this yesterday and failed miserably. Can you tell me what kind or colors of paint you used? Mine aren't nearly transparent enough for light to shine through, and they look pitiful. And, do you know what I can remove my paint from the jars with? I didn't glaze then yet, and want to remove what I have on there and try, try again before this weekend. Your idea is great, but I am a craft noob and just did it stupidly! Thanks!

  6. Amanda says

    Hi Kristen – I used acrylic craft paint such as Delta Ceramcoat or Apple Barrel :)

    Tonya – I'm sorry they didn't work! You can go ahead and wash them with a scrubby pad under warm water with some dish soap, that should get the paint off since you haven't put a glaze on yet. Are you sure though that the light won't shine through? Did you try one in a dark room with a tea light? I would do that before starting all over :)

  7. Tonya says

    Okay, so I took the paint back off of my jars, and I'm going to see which Apple Barrel colors are the most translucent so that I can start again today! Yay!

  8. Jolene says

    Made these tonight with my 2 and 4 yr olds… we painted the insides of the jars, though, and the faces on the outside… less mess with little guys to paint inside…

  9. Amanda says

    Karen – How awesome, thanks for stopping by!

    Tonya – Good luck, hope they come out for you this time ;)

    Akela – Thanks! Your drink bottle luminaries are cute!

    Jolene – so glad you and the kids had fun! Since you painted them on the inside make sure you only use tea lights and not votive candles. The larger votives may leave black marks on your paint from the flames.

    alexandra – fabulous! Hope you are having fun! :)

  10. ZeidmanZoo says

    We made some great ones on the fly with your inspiration! My kids made jack-o-lanterns out of various size glass jars, and ghosts out of baby food glass jars! I can't wait to adapt this idea to other holidays, and add more to the Halloween ones we now have! You can see the pictures on our blog: http://zeidmanzoo.blogspot.com/

  11. Creative Craft Ideas says

    LOVe this idea too. It is cute (and easy) that you painted the jars—I have seen it done with glued on tissue paper but this would be much easier! ah, next year here i come =)


  12. Megan says

    These are way better then luminaries. I wouldn't worry as much with kids and costumes. Too cute, LOVE 'EM!

  13. Barbara @ Modern Comfort Food says

    I'm a year late, but these wonderfully creative luminaries are such a great idea. The short road our house is on is so dark that children often don't come our way on Halloween. I think I'll make these to light the way!

  14. Amanda says

    Thank you Karen :) I hope everyone feels the same way as you. Sharing it on Craft Gossip was a little nerve wracking for me. I don't want anyone to think I would use that as a tool to further my own blog!

  15. divaskychick says

    Well it's a good thing you posted on Craft Gossip. I am obsessed with all those posts and somehow didn't even know you had a separate blog!!!

  16. Anonymous says

  17. Alison says

    I have always wondered if acrylic paint would work well on these. I tried spray paint before and it didn't work out so well. :) And I am so jealous you could do the faces by hand! impressive!

  18. Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures says

    Really really cute. I didn't know clear glaze could do this to paint. I really like it. It is on my list.

  19. Anonymous says

    I've done something similar with my neighborhood kids in recent years and let me remind all of you that plastic peanut butter and mayo jars are usable and especially good if you're letting smaller kids make their own "pumpkins" (and you can use the little battery lit candles from the $ store to lite them)…then you can screw the tops back on after lighting. Waiting for my grandbabies to grow so we can 'play' with things like this together.

  20. Glenda says

    your blog is awesome, I am following you so I can keep up with the great stuff on your blog.,can I borrow your idea for my nieces to make, we in Australia dont have a big Halloween but I still would love to make these for them.,love glenda

  21. katieb says

    This was GREAT I loved this idea! I live on the second floor of an apartment and I have giant squirrles that love to run across my patio. I don't think having pumpkins this year will be an option, as I fear that they will eat them and never leave me alone.But now I'm SUPER EXCITED for halloween this year! This was great for my raining day sunday craft project! I also like a few other ideas you have and will be using them with my little cousin! :)

    GREAT BLOG!! Thank you for the great fun and easy craft ideas! :)

  22. Liz @ LivingMySweetLife says

    OMG! LOVE!
    How did you know I had a box full of jars that I had NO IDEA what to do with????
    You're amazing, I stopped by from today's creative blogs linky party and now I am poking around your site. It's awesome~!

  23. Kimber says

    I love these. Could you tell me where you bought canning jars that are smooth like that? I know the ball canning jars have raised glass lettering on them. Thanks.

  24. Amanda says

    Than you EVERYONE for all of your kind comments!! :) :)

    Kimber – yes Ball jars do have raised letters, but only on one side. :) The ones that I used also have the raised letters.

  25. Corinna says

    Saw these on Skip to my Lou. They are SUPER cute! I love your ghost ones also. And I have a ton of canning jars so I'm totally inspired by your post today! :)


  26. Veronica says

    Love this! I too have lots of canning jars and can't wait to make these with my boys. Did you use the pint or the quart jars?

  27. Amanda says

    Thank you so much Corinna! :)

    Veronica – thanks! I believe these were pint sized jars. They are still packed away (I'm bad, haven't pulled out my Halloween stuff yet!) but I know that the quart jars are what I used for my pickles, and they aren't as big as those :)

  28. Colleen @ MuralMaker&More says

    You know, painting on glass is usually my absolute least favorite surface. But I have to try these. They are just so dang cute, I can't believe it! Thanks for all the tips, too. Great tutorial.

    Would love for you to stop by Sunday and link them up to Passion for Paint.

  29. Katie @ Not Just Decorating says

    These are simply adorable! I am going to have to try to make some of them! Thanks for the great idea!

  30. Carri says

    These are so fabulous! I'm going to try these with my Girl Scout troop. I wonder if the larger Baby Food jars would work?

  31. Amanda says

    Thank you again everyone! :)

    Carri – as long as the mouth of the jar is wide enough to get a tea light candle inside they should work fine!

  32. Tonya says

    I made 5 of these last night but cut out leaf stencles and glued them on with a glue stick (glues washed right off) and just did a fall theme….AWSOME IDEA! They turned out great. Thanks so much for the "how to"!

  33. John, Anna & Rebecca says

    How adorable!!!! I have a whole bunch of glass jars too. I wasn't sure what to do with them. Great idea and I think I'll even let me three yearold help me with them. I can't decide what I like more, the ghosts or goblins.


  34. Anonymous says

    even though i have a teenager and i usually hate crafts + stuff like that, i am sooo excited to do these now! halloween is my favorite holiday and this seems like a lot of fun to do one day to really make my house look great:) thanks for posting too such clear instructions + good pictures!

  35. Anonymous says

    These are so cute! I'm making some today, only I'm using old baby food jars so I have different sizes. Thanks for the idea!

  36. Anonymous says

    What a cute idea! Did you get the idea from i.heart.rachel on Cafemom? She has a lot of her tutorials there including this one, same pictures and instructions and all.

  37. Anonymous says

    She has your Bread Tag Monsters too. She admits in the bread tag post that the post about the luminaries was deleted because she didn't have links and claims that Cafemom won't let her have links up. People can have links there, just not in their signature or links to their own blog or website as advertising. I have seen her make links to her own stuff there though.

  38. Amanda says

    Thank you very much for telling me. And on that one she's blatantly taking credit! Someone asked her what she was going to do with them and she sai she was going to make magnets, as if she really made them! UGHHH!

  39. Krystal says

    This is so cute and a great idea! I featured this on my blog if you want to check it out and grab a button.

  40. booturtle says

    Love this. I don't have jars but when I saw my local thrift store had squatty round floral vases for a dollar apiece your pumpkins came to mind. I picked up a few vases and plan to pain them this weekend. I'll be posting on my blog with a giant tip of the hat and link back to you. Congrats on the ivillage mention too.

  41. erisgrrrl says

    We did this today using recycled jars that I've refused to throw away. We let our son paint several of them and it's adorable! I think we might add a jar or 2 each year so we can kind of chronicle his abilities over time! :D

    Thanks for such a great idea!

  42. booturtle says

    I finally finished my painted pumpkins and put them up on my blog with credit for inspiration from you. Thanks again for sharing.

  43. booturtle says

    Thought I already commented. But wanted to chime back in that I finally made my pumpkin luminaries inspired by you and put pictures up on my blog. Thanks so much for the idea!

  44. Anonymous says

    I absolutely love your blog and get inspired to try out all your crafts.I tried making them myself last week and they turned out so well!
    Thanks for sharing,

  45. carol wolfgang says

    Wow Amanda. This is actually very interesting to me. I made a few of these a couple years back.I actually thought of these idea cuz i seen them done with milk jugs. I like painting on jars. So of course today when i came acrossed your site i seen the epsom salt luminaries and im so going out to buy the stuff to make them. I save all kinds of jars, pickles, jelly mayo's anything. i save them. But yeah that is so cool that i made pumpkin luminaries like u did. I personally like yours better, but it was my first time doing them so im quiet happy. i also was wondering on the flat glass marbles how big are those. they look larger then normal size marbles. i cant find bigger ones anywhere though. I am wanting to make those to. And they dont have to be just for valentines. U can do anything u want with them. Thats for sharing your. I think u have alot of talent and interestign things to make. ideas on the page

  46. Amanda says

    Thanks Carol! How awesome that you already made these! As for the marbles, yes you are spot on, those are a bit bigger than the average ones. I honestly can't remember if I found them at Michael's or a thrift store. If you do a google search for "large flat glass marbles" there are some there too ;) Thanks!

  47. Recovering Noah says

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love love love this idea! Now I know what to do with all those salsa jars I have laying around. I'm so glad Halloween is just a few months away… I'd hate to have to wait any longer to try this idea. I'm loving your blog! Leslie =)

  48. says

    These are adorable! I found your site on Pinterest.com and decided that since I am one of the homeroom parents for my daughters 1st grade class…we are SO doing these for her Halloween party. I thought I better see how messy it would be first and made some this week with my daughter–LOVE THEM! I am going to write a blog later today and will link it to your page to give you credit. I just have one–and probably a really dumb one–question…Do you spray the clear coat inside or outside of the jar or both. OH, I also used the sharpie on the outside of the jars and didn’t have to use the black paint over it. Thanks for the cutest craft idea out there!!

    • Amanda Formaro says

      Hi Jennifer, thanks for the compliments! You only need to spray the outside of the jars, it’s just to keep the paint from peeling off and to give them a nice glossy finish. Can’t wait to see your version!

  49. Ashleyakamomto1tot says

    I made these today! my daughter myself and my husband all of us really enjoyed it! i bought the battery powered tealights but i used large mason jars they almost needed 2 of them to get it lit well , i did use 2 coats of paint so it made it a little thicker for the light to show through…. BUT also i found out hello mason jars have that centerpiece under the lid u can keep off and still look like a lid is on it and it wont snuff out real tea light candles :) they turned out AWSOME i wi sh i could post pics thanks so much for sharing this idea! im a NON crafty mom but i made 12 of these to line the walk way and i will use them for many years! :)

    • Amanda Formaro says

      How awesome Ashley!! Thanks for letting me know, it always makes me smile when one of my projects can inspire someone else :)

  50. says

    Your post has been nominated for a Mommy Blog Award. Mommy Blog Awards were created to highlight relevant and creative content that is worth sharing with family, friends and those in search of inspiration. Rather than following entire blogs and stories, our goal is to provide answers to current questions and snippets that can be easily shared. So, take a moment to visit your post, forward the link to your friends, vote, and hopefully find something worth sharing at mommyblogawards.com.

  51. Christina Aldrich says

    Hi- I saw this link to your blog and luminaries on Pinterest (my new FAVORITE thing to do instead of cleaning!!!). Yesterday I bought everything I need to make these, except for the mason jars. The store was out but said they would be getting more in today or tomorrow. My 4 year old is home sick from pre-school today so I’ll be scouring my house for any empty jars that aren’t nailed down LOL. Can’t wait until the end of the week :-) Wish me luck!

    • Amanda Formaro says

      That’s exactly what I was going to suggest! i always have a stash of empty jars of all sizes in the cabinet in the basement :)

  52. LK says

    I found these on parents.com and thought they would be fun for my 4 year old son and me to try. I used a foam brush because I thought a paint brush would be too streaky, but the foam brush did not put the paint on thick enough. I let it dry overnight and then tried to put on a second coat. It didn’t work. When you try to put a second coat of paint on it just takes the first layer off. I washed the paint off and will give it another try with a brush and a thicker single layer of paint this time. They are so cute that I want it to work.

  53. Chris says

    what kind of jars are you using? All the canning jars I’ve seen have some kind of markings or words bubbled into them. I’m sure they will show through as a shadow.

  54. LS says

    Thanks for the cool idea! Just made these last night and finished up today. My paint looks much more streaky than yours and when the candles are in it really shows. I’ve never painted on glass before so maybe it’s a serious learning curve, The clear coat is pretty cool and makes the appearance a bit better. We drew the faces with just sharpie as another reader suggested and it was a real pain in the bum until hubby found a large, lone, odd sharpie and he rocked out the rest of the ghosts with that. We put some tap led lights in & the kids are running around holding the Boo Story light :D.

    • Amanda Formaro says

      Yeah painting on glass can create streaks. I tend to go over the paint several times, smoothing it as I go. BUT I actually think the streaks are cool too, adds character! :) So glad you had fun!

  55. Margie Chao says

    Hi, I love your painted Halloween jars! My kids can’t wait to make them. I had a quick question….I have lots of tempera paint. Would that work instead of acrylic paints? I’m thinking with the clear glaze the tempera would be okay. Any thoughts on using tempera instead of acrylic paints?


    • Amanda Formaro says

      Hi Margie! I have never actually tried tempura paint on glass. You can always try it on one and see how it works. If you do, would love it if you would come back and leave a comment on how it worked!

      • Margie Chao says

        The tempera paints worked great! I wanted an easier paint to work with since I’ve got little kids doing the project and I didn’t want the hassle of using acrylics. Acrylic paint did go on more smoothly on glass, so I can see why you chose acrylics. The tempura paints were more streaky going on, but after being sprayed with the clear coating, they came out more transparent, which was kind of cool! Thanks again for your project idea. I will continue to do this every year with my children!!!

        • Amanda Formaro says

          I’m so glad to hear that! Thanks for letting me know about that, it’ll be great info if someone else asks. So glad you guys had fun! :)

          • Margie Chao says

            Hi Amanda,
            I wanted to share this in case others wanted to use tempera paints too…unless you apply like three coats of the lacquer spray the tempera paints will run if wet. I found this out the hard way this morning when the sprinklers went off near my porch steps! LOL :)

  56. Sarah says

    Hiya! I just tried these with my patients where I work, they loved them!! The only problem I am running into is that we used lights from the dollar store and we we place them in the jars the only color that shows is that of the light. So every jar looks orange! I am going to take a few home and try an actual flame candle and see how that goes! Thanks for the fantastic idea!!

  57. says

    I absolutely love these! they’re genius. Halloween is my favourite holiday and you’ve helped me decide that I’m going to make a special space in my attic for halloween items so I can make something new each year.. this is definitely going to be in there! Brilliant, so thanks :) xx

  58. Shana says

    found this post from a google search and i’m soooooo excited to make these; will let you know how it goes! thanks for the great pictures and all the detailed instructions

  59. Sherry Y says

    I found these Halloween luminaries on Pinterest. I just love them. I can’t wait to make some for my grandsons (and myself) to put out next Halloween. I also can’t wait to peruse the rest of your delightful site. I’ve bookmarked it for future fun. Thanks for sharing your projects, Amanda!

  60. Sherri says

    Hi Amanda! These are so cute! I’m thinking about making them for my yard, but I’m worrying about the tea lights. When you make them, do you punch holes in the lids and then put the lids on? Or do you think that would take away from the effect or put the flame out? I could buy the fireless votives lights, I guess, but I thought I’d ask about the lids first.

    Thanks for sharing this adorable idea!

    • says

      Hi Sherri! I don’t use the lids on mine. If you want to use lids, I would get the LED tea lights. Putting lids on with the flame tea lights won’t work, the flames need oxygen to stay lit.

  61. Marla says

    These masion jars are wonderful!! I agree with all the pictures, I couldn’t decide which was my favorite either.
    Which jar looked better with the candle in the dark?
    I think this would be a great way to lite my walk way this halloween, add some to my flower gardens which are in an alcove at the front door. Thanks for sharing this!

  62. Crystal Torres says

    Thanks for such a great idea! I had some sauce jars and such in my recycle bin just waiting to be used :) I also took down my collection of wine bottles (I knew I was saving them for a reason!) I am so happy with the way the jars and bottles turned out. The kids loved them too!

  63. denissa thurman says

    Thanks for sharing i was trying to think of some way to get some Halloween stuff for my grandbaby’s now scene they live with me this i can afford again thank you very much you just made 2 children very happy

  64. Jami says

    We made these @ homeschool day in the park. We dated the bottom and wrote names on them and plan to make them again so the kids will each have their own “collection” to keep! Thanks for the simple to follow directions and great pictures!!

  65. Lori says

    Hi there,
    Should I be concerned about the Krylon and the heat produced by a burning candle? I know some of these types of sprays can be highly flammable. Thanks!

    • says

      A spray paint or sealer is flammable when wet and when being sprayed, but from what I understand loses its flammability when dry. I made these luminaries three years ago and bring them out every Halloween and light them. I have never had a problem.

  66. says

    Just finished making a ton of these. Thanks for the amazing idea! Worked out great! It was so much fun, can’t wait to poke around and find more holiday crafts!

  67. Monique Moore says

    These are so cute! I think I”m going to make some with leaves on them for Fall and Thanksgiving decorations, and some with snowflakes for Winter. Such a great idea, especially since mason jars are inexpensive.

  68. fairyCrafty says

    Call me cheap, but i don’t want to use a good canning jar for this…but I think they are so cute! I’m thinking of an empty milk jug. Then lighting it with a battery operated votive for the ghost. Orange glow sticks for the pumpkins and green glow sticks for Frankenstein… that way the plastic won’t burn and I don’t have to use paint…do you think that would work?

    • says

      Hi fairyCrafty :) My answer is two fold. 1) if you want these to last year after year (I just pulled these very jars out of the attic the other day and they still look awesome after 4 years) I would highly recommend using jars. You don’t have to use canning jars, you can use recycled mayonnaise or jelly jars and they will produce the same result. 2) if you are just looking for a decoration for this year, milk jugs will work just fine, though they might not store very well (who knows, they might!). You can see I did this exact thing (using the glow sticks) for a Frankenstein milk jug I made this year – here’s the link – http://craftsbyamanda.com/2013/10/glow-dark-frankenstein-milk-jug.html

      Something important to keep in mind about using glow sticks. They only last one night and then you will have to drop another one in. That can get pretty pricey if you want to use these for a week before Halloween. ALSO, milk jugs are very lightweight. A windy autumn evening could scatter your luminaries all over your yard, or worse, the neighborhood! So if you do decide to use milk jugs, be sure to add rice or pebbles or even pennies to the jug to give them some weight.

      I personally think that with all the factors mentioned above you’d be better off in the long run using jars. :) But either way will work. Hope you have fun!

  69. LeAnne says

    Did you paint the outside of the jars or the insides? Also do you know how this would work on plastic jars? I want to try this with my 4 yr old this year but concerned with the glass.

    • says

      I painted the outside of the jars. You can paint plastic, but it’s best to use a multi surface acrylic paint for plastic. Or some enamel paints will work on plastic too. If you use regular acrylic paint, it’s possible it will peel and flake off later.

  70. Katie says

    These are awesome, so much better than purchasing luminary bags every year. I have a question-do you paint the inside or outside of the jars? Thanks!

  71. Yvette says

    I LOVE THESE!! <3 I have a question when its sprayed by the glaze is the paint from the eyes & mouth are suppose to run off the jar?

  72. Sheri says

    I took empty plastic peanut butter jars, washed them out well. I made labels on orange, purple, and yellow copy paper, cut them to fit inside the jar. On the top I cut a circle of fabric, tacked it with glue to stay on the lid, tied a Halloween ribbon around the cap. I made labels that said “Spider Jelly”, “Monster Mash” to name a couple of fun names. Inside I put a flameless candle. I have them on my steps, but these are cheap and make great neighbor gifts!!! I could reuse the jar for Christmas too!

  73. Avalon says

    I have a bunch of used-up/burned out jars candles in different sizes – I couldn’t bring myself to just toss them, and now I think I will use them to make these! Thanks for the share!

  74. Betty says

    I think these are so cute, I will make them this Halloween, line up the walkway with them, but instead of candles, I like to use white christmas lights

  75. says

    Do you *need* to add the glaze? I really want to make these but I’m living in Korea and a can of glaze runs nearly $20 :(

    I love the look of them with the glaze but would hate to spend the money on the glaze if it’s not totally necessary.

    Thanks so much and great job! Yours look fantastic!

  76. Jean Morrissey says

    I love these! I would suggest using the little battery operated tea lights instead of real tea lights (for safety reasons) Especially, if you line your sidewalk with them….little ones in Halloween costumes could be at risk.

      • says

        Hi Jean. I wouldn’t use plastic simply because of the heat from the candle. However if you use LED lights you won’t have that issue. Plastic is a trickier beast when it comes to paint. You would have to either rough up the surface to make it more porous, or buy a paint that is specifically for plastic surfaces. I would stick with glass if you can.

  77. Susy Hilterbran says

    do you think a glow stick would be bright enough to use instead of tea lights? Also, have you tried the glow in the dark paint?

  78. Tami says

    These are sooo cute!! Do you think they would turn out ok with glitter acrylic paint? I have some leftover from another project (but am not exactly crafty lol) Thanks!

  79. Cherrie says

    We love this luminary craft! We are doing this with 26 5th graders at our annual Fall Festival in a couple of weeks :) Did you use foam brushes or regular brushes to paint the jars? Also, about how many jars can be painted with a little bottle of Acrylic paint.

    • says

      Hi Cherrie. I don’t know how many jars can be covered with one bottle, but for 26 kids I would say to take 4 with you, just in case. You’ll probably have plenty left ober. I used regular brushes for this, but you could use foam brushes if you think it’s easier for the kids :)

  80. Sue says

    I looked for the link to the candy corn jars but it is no longer posted on Disney Kaboose. Are you able to re-post or send me the instructions?


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